I still love this style!

  1. Just wanted to share another picture of this Bottega from a few seasons ago. I still love it! (Obviously Jennifer Anistons does too) I wish it would be resurrected in the stores. Hopefully, there will be a similar style that comes along soon...Does anyone else love the detail on this bag like I do? I would love to get your honest feedback:[​IMG]
  2. It is a pretty one Marly.
  3. You've been around BV longer than I have, Marly. I like seeing the bags from just a few years ago--I have some vintage ones, but am not as familiar with things from the last 3-10 yrs. That bag is so stylish--as you said, very nice detail and understated. You and Jen have good taste!
  4. Great understated bag.
  5. This is one of the bags that first got me interested in BV, she carried this bag non-stop for a LONG time and I really admired the style, the size and the quality of the bag so much it drew me into the BV store!
  6. I agree it's really gorgeous. Great taste :yes:
  7. Very nice, classy