I still like the Picotin so....

  1. I still like the Picotin, and I'm wanting one for Christmas. My biggest concern is interior space. My husband is purchasing a Dogon wallet for me for our anniversary in the coming months so I want to make sure that it will fit in that prospective purse. How much stuff can fit in a Picotin? -PM, MM, or GM Thanks for your input in advance. Have a great day!
  2. I was thinking the same thing about the doggone wallet. I have a small doggone but will be getting (I hope from dh for the holidays) the longer one. I was wondering how it will fit into the small picotin.

    I have a small picotin and I think the long one might be a little too long for it. I am considering another picotin and think I would do the small again because it is such an easy size. Good from day to night imo. I think the long doggone wallet would fit better in the medium or large size. I can fit quite a lot into the small one (small wallet, keys, .5 liter of water which sticks out) sunglasses, granola bar, blackberry) but it is not a good size for much more.
  3. Coleigh:
    I have the MM size and the larger Dogon Wallet fits perfect with room to spare on both sides. I usually carry my wallet and two Karo's sunglass case and cell phone. Its not heavy or stuffed.
  4. I would like to know the same thing, is there any chance someone could post the inside of the bag with things in it (like in the LV thread)?

    I adore the PM's but I liive 4 hours away from the boutique so i am really unsure on which size! xx
  5. I would be happy to- hang on a sec ok
  6. Pics are Dogon Wallet, Karo GM and Karo PM. I have had three inside no problem.
    Glasses Keys and thats all I carry and there is plenty of room. This size is a medium. I hope this helps.:heart:
    Picotin 2.jpg Picotin #3.jpg
  7. Favorhermes and Amamxr, thanks for the input. Yesterday I went in the Houston boutique and tried one on in the PM. I also placed most of the items in my LV Papillion, the largest size, into the PM. Everything fit including my medium sized Ulysses agenda. I was impressed by the amount of stuff it could hold. The agenda is approximately 6.25" and the Dogon is approximately 7.9" so I think that bag will accomodate my prospective wallet. When my agenda was erect in the bag, there was still a good clearing until the top of the edge of the Picotin. I know I want this bag for Christmas, but my husband was shown the Herbag by me. He likes the Herbag better so now I'm confused. I do like the Herbag, but I know it will get dirty. On the other hand, the Picotin can wipe clean. I do want something different. I think both could dress up or down. Please give me some sisterly advice, anyone with experience of both. Well, it is time to go because my DH is stating that I only want it because this forum encourages it. He is a man.
  8. I think the Herbag and Picotin are both great bags. I have a PM Picotin and love it. For a small bag you can fit a lot in it. It also gives me an excuse to use all of my H pocket squares (I put them on top over all my stuff). :tup:
  9. Well, ultimately isn't it up to what you will use and enjoy the most?? Both are lovely bags...so that isn't the issue, but maybe you should think about the reasons why you like both bags, and ask your DH why he likes Herbag the best.

    I'm sure RBB would be glad to show you some pics of the inside of her Herbag with stuff in it if you want to see how it compares to the picotin if you just ask her :smile:

    What other bags do you have? Maybe you like the picotin because it offers something different to your closet? Make DH understand that and explain you would use it a lot :smile:
  10. whats the price point?
  11. coleigh are you in new york? i saw one at fisch for the hip in vert anis, it's sooo pretty! you could check out the size there if you are nearby or go to the H store. i don't have one, sorry so i can't help you there but i immediately thought of that when i read your post.
  12. I like the Picotin, too. I think it is a neat bag.
  13. I love the Picotin, such a great all year round bag.

    What colors are you looking for?
    I know of a Bleu Jean or Orange.
    PM Me.
  14. I have the smallest picotin and it easily holds a Ulysses notebook(5"x6"approx)
    and a Bearn wallet (7"x3 1/2") my keys, lipstick,cell phone,and comb. I feel that it holds enough to use it for most of my needs. I would have liked the next size larger,if I were to buy it again.
  15. I really love the Picotin. It was the first Hermes bag that hooked my attention. Although I have ordered my first bag, the Birkin, I still travel back to the Picotin. I chose to order the Birkin as my first bag because my DH liked it the best. But while I wait, I want another bag. My husband likes the Herbag because it is structured. In his opinion, it has the appearance of a status bag more so than the Picotin. The Herbags I've been watching on eBay are 1500-1700 USD. The Picotin is 1775 USD. I have my heart set on the Picotin, but I do see his point of the Herbag's character. BTW, I'm in Houston, HC.