I still have the Hippie!

  1. One of the turnlocks came off my Legacy Shoulder bag (whiskey):sad:

    I called the 800 number because I bought it from the web site. They suggested I take it in to a Coach store and because I hadn't kept my invoice also gave me the original order number (very helpful phone person.)

    They didn't have one - of course - and since I didn't really care for the natural - and couldn't decide on a different bag -- they gave me a refund. Thank you Coach! I will deffinately spend that amount and more in the future.

    Maybe in another month or so when there is hope of Spring weather I'll like a lighter color and will go back and reconsider the natural.

    Because I have 21 errr 20 bags - all but 2 of them Coach. I really do try to put a little thought in to buying a bag that is the right size etc. So no repaired or new bag for me today.
  2. Sorry about your shoulder bag, but glad to hear that you were able to get a full refund! Coach's return policy is one of the best out there IMO.

    Let us know what you decide on.
  3. I was just looking at the receipt - it says "Did not like style"

    That's not correct!
  4. What happen to the turnlocks...I'm sorry they could not fix it. I just ordered a Legacy shoulder bag.

    Good Luck with your new purchase.