I still can't get over Victoria B.'s pics


Sep 13, 2005
I know this has been posted. But I still can't believe how they can take this kind of picture. Oh man, if they only had a heart.

Fish Bowl? :smile:

But she's pretty here... :biggrin:

Darn the bad angles! :suspiciou

More here http://socialitelife.com/mt/archives/victoria_beckham_channels_scary_spice.php#comments
Well, maybe those pictures were taken badly, but she really scares me! I don't know how many surgery operations she's undergone...I used to like her while she was in the Spice Girls, but the way she looks like today is just absurd!
She has a MAJOR eating disorder if anyone can't see it. She looks 20 years older lately. She makes Karen Carpenter look chubby.

I don't know what kind of esteem issues she's got but she needs to step away from the collagen injections and the tanning spray and the porno breast implants. UGH, she's such a chav.
Actually I've been meaning to ask you Cali girls, especially L.A./ Orange county area ladies-- I have heard a saying over there now is that "Anorexia is the new black." Anyone else heard that? I think that is disgusting but just wondering if any of you have heard that...