I still can't decide! Marron or Blue India City?

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  1. they're so different - I keep going back and forth.
    p.s. I'm 45 - am I too old for a BI?
  2. no, you're not too old. I say BI
  3. The Blue India is a gorgeous color. You're definitely not too old!!! Go for it.
  4. Gosh, I'm older than you and I'm not too old to wish for one...
  5. BI~~~~ :love:
  6. BI!!! I don't know why that color was so eagerly anticipated them a lot of us decided it was blah. I think it's the prettiest blue Balenciaga ever made. It's not too bright, but isn't a real neutral either. The color goes with a lot of most peoples wardrobes, it's gorgeous. I still regret letting my Mom return hers, I should have bought it from her. It was the most gorgeous Caribbean blue and the leather was fabulous.:love:
  7. bi!! :biggrin:
  8. LOL, it's unanimous and I had decided on the marron
    Back to NM to swap it tomorrow -- I trust you!
  9. I'm a BI Lover...every time I see a BI my heart just melts. It's such a stunning color.
  10. BI. I have one and I am in the 40 range. :smile:
  11. if you love BI!! go for it. but personally i love marron.
  12. I'm 43 and I say definitely get the blue india. It's a great color!
  13. I'm in my 40's and I say we're not old! The BI sounds really pretty. I also like the marron (I'm a big help, huh?)
  14. BI its such a nice blue!
  15. Great color doesn't have an age limit. If you love BI, grab it!

    BTW I'm in my 40s too. I guess there are a few of us here!