I started working out again

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  1. I started working out again, and i am very happy.i would like to just tone up.
    i am working out with my mentor he is a body builder, and very tough. just the way i like it.any way wish me luck!
  2. Good luck in reaching your goals! :tup:
  3. Good luck to you!!
  4. Good luck, and glad to hear you're getting in good workouts!
  5. Good luck!
    My DH races bicycles and have been my inspiration and coach!
    He kicks my ass every time I feel too lazy to exercise; we are competing on who uses more calories during training routines and who do more days (and hours) in the gym or working out. All in good fun!

    Great to have work-out buddies!
  6. i just wanted to say that i can not move ... but i am going again tonight
    thank you for the well wishes will post pic soon