I started to notice.


Dec 28, 2005
It’s kind of weird. (well, for me)
Walking the extremely long way back to the train stadium from school. I say a woman pushing a pram; I looked down and noticed a LV bag (attached to it).
The first thing rushing to my mind was; what kind of LV bag was it and was it authentic. It’s not the first time I look at bags in public, I kind of like doing it. Like spying on people while I wait for the train, it always gives me inspiration to paint something. You can say I study them.

What I have found out is:
Danish people tend to buy the same bags. This is what they choose from.
LV, Puma, Friis & Co. and HM bags.

It’s a shame that Danish (people in the area where I live) people don’t care that much. LV bags are all over the place as goes for Friis and Co.
Of course it’s different if I travel to Copenhagen, it would probably be more labels, but not around these parts.

I started to notice. Now I just need to spot a real designer bag when I see it. Just for the fun in it.

The conclusion is: All the people in my area need to start buying new stuff, instead of sticking with the old.