I start work saturday, and im sick!

  1. i have a cold, and sinus clogged, how can i fix this so i dont miss my first day of work?! :crybaby:
  2. Start with hyperhydrading, meaning drinks lots of water, not coffee, not soda, water. If you can get ahold of some zinc product do so right away. Here in the states we have "Cold Eze", which are zinc lonzeges. These have been proved to reduce the symptoms and the time the cold lasts. Good luck.
  3. oh thank you i take zinc every morning but ill have to pick up some of the lozenges. thank with the water suggestion it seems all i drink is diet soda!
  4. Seriously, get them now! The quicker you get them on board the better. And get lots of rest, even if you think you feel better, stay in and read, nap and blog. I really hope you feel better, what a drag to feel crappy your first day!
  5. Sleep and drink lots of liquids!

    I hope you don't have a sore throat!
  6. Make sure it is Zinc Gluconium 3X (or 13.3 mg of ionic zinc from Zincum Gluconium 2X i.e. zinc gluconate trihydrate eqivalent to Zincum Gluconium 3X). It is the only kind of zinc that works for colds.

    DayQuil gelcaps work well for multiple symptoms, and MucinexDM is a good decongestant in my experience.

    Also, use a simple saline nasal spray (NOT a medicated spray) to help the healing process.
  7. LOTS OF VITAMIN C! PHH drinks a gallon of OJ when he is coming down with a cold and it does the trick every time!
  8. I agree, drink lots of fluids and if it's the common cold you'll get over it (or most of it) by Saturday. If your sinuses don't clear up tomorrow go see your doctor to see if you need antibiotics for any sinus infection. I am sick today and took the day off so I've been on webmd a lot :smile:
  9. I do :sad: :crybaby:
  10. drink plenty of fluids as everyone has said and eat and you can take Tylenol cold&sinus i do when i get that way take 2 of them each day and you will feel alot better. Oh and get plenty of rest. Congrats on your new job. I remember starting my job that im at now in 05 and i felt a lil sick when i got there but as the day continue i got worse i was acheing and sore.And thats what i did to feel better.
  11. Well I was called in last night, I was shocked!! But I felt better and found a trick to clear my nasal passage! take some vicks cream [the smelly stuff] and put it around your nose [make sure its not noticable]. it works but after about 3 hours it wore off but all was ok!