I start my first job in 12 years tomorrow!!

  1. Wish me luck my lovely ladies :P

    I start my first job in 12 years tomorrow (been a little busy bringing up my girls!!!!)

    It sure is going to be strange, so all of your lovely comments might make tomorrow abit easier.

    I am really excited, I am going to be working at Matches (a UK designer boutique) as a personal shopper, so you could say I have found my mother ship ;) , but its still a big change for me.
  2. Good luck - you'll be fabulous!
  3. Congrats on the job, sounds like a lot of fun! =)
  4. Congrats and good luck!!
  5. Congrats :biggrin: wishing you the best of luck!
    sounds like a cool job =)
  6. woow..wish you a good luck..enjoy your new job :yahoo:
  7. Congrats! Hope you have a great first day!
  8. Such a nice place to work! Congrats and hope you have agreat first day!:smile:
  9. Congratulations! Sounds like fun!
  10. That's great Chloe-Babe. I wish you lots of luck! I was thinking about that this morning, working in a boutique, but my kids are still too small. My husband doesn't want me to go back to work yet. If I wait long enough mayeb he'll open up a boutique for me! *cross-my-fingers*
  11. Congratulations! Perfect for you!

  12. oh... congratulations and good luck on your first job after absent time for years...
    and to hear about your job as personal shopper made me jealous :P
    you must be sooo excited!
    HAVE FUNNNN! :heart:
  13. OMG...you go girl:yahoo:! I don't even need to say it, but have fun! You are so lucky - I would love to be a personal shopper :graucho:
  14. Have fun!! Good luck!!
  15. Congradulations! I'm sure you'll love it! I just started a new job this week too. I haven't worked in 17 years.:nuts: It's scary at first, because its been so long. I wanted to wait til my kids were in high school. So far I'm having fun, and it helps support my bag addiction :yes: