I stared at it all day...

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  1. super cute, great deal, congrats!:tup:
  2. Congrats! You got a great deal! I was watching this one too and wondering when it was going to go, with that price, I was amazed someone didn't scoop it up sooner! Glad you got it! They don't make the Carly in this color anymore and it looks like it's in good condition, so I think you got a nice deal!
  3. Oh yey! Thanks girls :smile: I'm hoping to head out to the factory outlet this weekend and pick up a wallet for it. Any suggestions?
  4. I'd say you got a great deal..congrats!!! BTW, I have the same b-day as your dd.:smile:
  5. Looks nice. ENJOY!
  6. You did get a great deal!

    As for a wallet, maybe something in white to match the leather accents!
  7. I love this color combination!!!! Congrats!
  8. so cute! great deal too, congrats! :yahoo:
  9. beautiful! you got a great deal. but i believe the white trim is called angora. i wanted this so bad last year. you are a lucky girl!! can't wait to see what wallet you will get with it.
  10. Very nice -great deal! I remember seeing some wallets that had the white trim that were really nice - I actually bought one, but returned it because I found the zip around had more room in it. They are probably at the outlet by now.
  11. I think it's an AMAZING deal, congrats! Looks great!
  12. So, the Angora, is it a bright white or a winter white? I called the outlet (it's about an hour away) and they said that they have a lot of white wallets, but no winter white ones. I'm thinking a mini wallet and a mini skinny :smile:
  13. Looks to be in great condition - CONGRATS! Have fun at the outlet! If you get something with a little color on it then you won't have to worry about matching the white exactly and then you'll have a little pop inside your bag.
  14. Great deal on a beautiful bag!