i stalked my mailman for my bbag...

  1. i was out this morning and came home to a notice of attempted delivery of a package. i was so disappointed so i called my post office to see if i could pick it up today and they said no as it was still on the carrier's truck and that i would have to wait until monday. however, the person mentioned that i may be able to find my carrier if i drove around so i did and i found him. he was actually quite friendly so maybe it is not unusual for people to stalk their carriers for packages?

    anyway, new bbag for me! yay!
  2. yeah congrats!!! this is what the girls in this forum might do :P
  3. Yes- I stalked my mailman once too! He was at the end of my street though so it didn't take long to stalk!!!:lol:
  4. Haha...that's the funniest thing I've heard! The addiction's getting bad Chi. So what's the new bag?
  5. hey why not?!! i have chased down my mail carrier in my sleep clothes and fluffy slippers before. i was lucky he was just down the block.

    congrats on another b-bag!
  6. lol I think that has increasingly became a habit in tPF lately :roflmfao: Good luck, chi! Can't wait to see what you got... is it rouge? :graucho:
  7. Try all you want but I am pure and my new bag is pure. It is an '05 marron (chocolate brown) hobo.

    Look how peaceful my girl is next to this bag...
    weekender 009 (Small).jpg weekender 010 (Small).jpg
  8. Oh WOW! It's stunning chigirl!
  9. omg I love it, but I LOVE YOUR BABY MORE!!!! give her a hug from me Chi :love:
  10. Ooooh - yummy! I've never seen the Day in that colour before. I want to eat it.
  11. WOW!!! That is truly gorgeous!!! How many Bbags do you have Chi? I'm going to ask you in every thread!!!
  12. Thank you!! I love it! Can you tell I like neutral color bbags??

    I think I am at 14 -

    first: s/s '05 teal, s/s '05 black, '02 brown suede

    city: f/w '05 grey, s/s '05 black

    purse: f/w '05 caramel

    day: s/s '05 black, f/w '05 chocolate brown/marron, s/s '06 rouille

    shrug: s/s '06 ink

    twiggy: '04 marron

    belted buckle hobo from '02 (or '03?): brown/marron, caramel

    weekender: s/s '06 cognac

  13. That's way too many!!!! Give me some! Well, the rouille is bright! I'm shocked you have it!!!
  14. Oh that is a gorgeous bag, congrats!

    Your dog is so cute!
  15. But you wouldn't like any of mine. They are boring. Plus, I actually don't see the rouille as a bright color. It is rich IMO but not bright.