I spy you spy.. anyone wanna see my spy? **pics**

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  1. Finally! i took pictures of my spy!!!

    sorry for my ghetto outfit. i'm wearing my bf's shirt and pj's! they're like 5 sizes too big.. mucho comfy!

    and also for the horrible background. boys don't make beds or buy nice comforters.

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  2. oh.. i reason why i took those tag shots was to also authenticate the bag just one more time. :smile:
  3. Can't authenticate for you, but it looks great! congrats!
  4. Lovely! Thanks for sharing - I am beginning to like the zucca!
  5. Beautiful bag - congrats
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. It's authentic. Congrats!! It's lovely! :love:
  8. GRRR~~~~ that sure is purrrrrr ti!
  9. Well, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! LOL!:P I've been dyin' to see your bag! It's beautiful (but then, I knew it would be!) And doesn't it look so much better ITF!? I mean, I love how this bag looks in pix, but when I see it up close and personal, I'm drooling:drool: ! Pinch said she'd have another one up on Dec. 21st and I'm TRYING, TRYING, TRYING to be patient. Everyday, I look at the one at Jomashop.com and I fight the urge to order it.:sweatdrop: Made the mistake of checkin' out a Zucca in Bloomingdale's this weekend. The salesgirl was even like "there's a mirror...". It was a perfect fit. AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!! The salesgirl even threw in "...and you get 15% off when you open a Bloomingdale's account"!!!:shocked: I need a drink... Enjoy your gorgeous bag, darlin'! It looks wonderful on ya!:yes:
  10. Yup, definitely authentic, and gorgeous! Congrats!

  11. katgrrl, you need to be patient!!!!!!!! the reason i like this bag so much is because i got such a good deal on it. i had a pair of seven's i wasn't wearing so i sold them for like $75 and used it toward paying for the bag - that made it even cheaper! honestly, i don't think i would/could ever buy this bag retail because i know that it goes on sale. as for lv and chanel, you don't have a choice but to pay retail. if you wait a little bit, i KNOW you're going to find a good deal.
  12. :heart:Congrats on your Spy!! She is gorgeous!!:heart:

  13. Hi Nan, well Pinchrosemary said she'll have another one posted tomorrow. I think I can make it. It's hard, especially after seeing your beautiful bag, but I'll hang in there...until tomorrow...when she posts the pix...and then I'll wait a few more days (augh!)...until the final minutes of the bidding...
    :oh: :sad: :s :crybaby:

  14. You can do it Katgrrrl! :yes: (although I am very tempted just to egg you on! LOL)
  15. You Can Dooooooooo It!!!