i spy with my little eye...

  1. 5 LVs in this picture! i saw this notebook at target and was thrilled!

    can YOU find 'em? :ninja:
  2. umm?

    im confused
  3. What?? am I missing something?? confused:confused1:
  4. fixed it... it said the pic was too big... it's there now
  5. It's cute!
  6. LOL its nice, wish I had one hehe
  7. nice! i love jordi labanda
  8. very cute!
  9. there you go.. i circled them.
  10. Cute!!
  11. LOL! this is fun... there's a fifth one, on the top right corner, but it's too dark the way it was scanned. my bad!
  12. is the damier azur a real style coming up- does anybody know?
  13. fun
  14. yes it is... i think it drops on nov. 1st.
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