I spy with my little eye - MILLIONAIRES! Field Day Festival

  1. So i was at this little festival in London on saturday and i spyed a guy wearing the most beautiful pair of Jet Black Millionaires. I was actually stunned, They are so amazing in real life. My boyfriend actually had to poke me to get my attention i was soooo mesmerized!!!

    WAS IT YOU????????????? Im sure i recognized the guy that was wearing them, so it MUST be somebody on the forum, either that or he was in my dreams hehe!
  2. i love sighting LV in unusual places.
    i wonder if it was a PFer, not many of the guys have the millionaires.
  3. I OWN ONE!! AND I'M IN LONDON!!!:nuts: Where exactly did u see "this guy"????
  4. it was at a festival on saturday in Hackney. It was kinnda like an electronica festival with Justice headlining (they were amazing!) but with loads of other indie bands thrown in.

    He was tall (Well taller than me) dark hair, lovely dark skin and he looked like he totally looked after himself. I had to reassure my bf that i was just looking at his sunglasses!!!!!!