I Spy Something... Green??

  1. OK, so apparently this was delivered LAST NIGHT!!! and I didn't get a package slip about it. I didn't get one today, either, but I was like, dang it, DC says it's here! Where is it! Then I saw it on the list from yesterday, and got it... what is it??
  2. Hmmm..... is that a dustbag I see poking out?
  3. Yes!! A dustbag! I am so good.
  4. Ok, now what's IN the dustbag?
  5. omg!! beautiful...where u get it from??? please model the bag to show us..thanks :smile:
  6. Yay, Green Spy! Now some family pics
    5.jpg 6.jpg
  7. fleabay! I have to say, I took a big risk. The auction only had one photo, that did not even show the entire bag. She sent pics of the auth card, hologram, and leather serial strip, and spy glass, but they were taken with her cameraphone! I just went with my gut. Every other green spy on eBay that I have seen just looked *wrong* and this one looked right! Deco's pics really helped me out--she got one a couple months ago off eBay, too.

    Modeling pics to follow!
  8. Congrats Litigatrix !!!!
    This Spy is a Jewel !!! I love it !!!
  9. Gorgeous! Congratulations!! I have to say, that will make the BEST St. Patrick's Day pinch protection ever!
  10. congrats! wow, you were daring....went with eBay..but good for you. i'm sure u got it authenticated thru the authenticate board before you bought it....did u check the authenticity yet? btw, do u mind me asking..but how much did you get it for?? it's beautiful!!
    i'm always scared to buy thru ebay. but it seemed like someone got very very lucky!!!

  11. Wow!! This is one gorgeous Spy, you really hit the jackpot finding this beauty!:yahoo::yahoo:Congrats sweetie!
  12. Modeling pics... whee!
    7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg
  13. OOOOHHHH wow, i want one of these so bad. Congratulations on the fantastic find!! :smile:
  14. I actually do a lot of authenticating on that thread, so I was pretty certain about what I was looking for :yes:. If it was a black, cognac, etc, then I would NOT have gone off the fuzzy pics she sent me. The green was sortof a special case just because I have been looking for green, and on all the fake green ones I have seen, the fakers do not get the leather right AT ALL! I did compare my pics with those decophile posted a couple months back, which was immensly helpful.

    I guess I was just feeling daring, too, because I always pay with my CC, so I figure the worst that could happen is I get a chargeback on it, but I was pretty sure about it. Buying on eBay is ALWAYS risky, though!
  15. I know! This was the first green spy I saw on ebay since deco got hers (at least, the first *authentic* green spy. It is so pretty!