***I Spy... Louboutins in Movies & TV!!!***

  1. Iron man again


  2. Jodie Foster on Inside Man. Although I am not so sure about this one but I remember seeing her wearing CL. She was seen with two different hermes bags on that movie too.

  3. ^^ OMG! I totally remember that now and I went, "OMG! I want her bags, shoes, and suits!" lol
  4. I know huh. I was like is this Jodie Foster?? :lol:

    Does anyone remember her on "The silence of the Lambs". She was so young and she had this little coach leather bag and Dr. Lecter told her something like "you with your cheap shoes and expensive bag" I was like hahahahaha.

    ETA: I found it

    So mean!!
  5. ^^ LOL. :roflmfao:

  6. I was trying to think what movie I recently saw that I kept seeing CLs in and that's it, Iron Man. I was watching it with my dad and brother and getting all excited but didn't bother to mention it to them.
  7. Rihanna in her video:


  8. In the movie "The Women", I think it's at the beginning Annette Benning is carrying a CL shopping bag.
  9. I was watching HGTV House Hunters in Michigan and the real estate agent was wearing Numero Prive (I think in black, but not sure of the material) and she was also wearing tan City Girls.
  10. Oh! Oh! I'm pretty sure you mean Kate Walsh's Cadillac commercial!

    *fans self* That commercial is too hot.
  11. ^^ I know exactly which one you're talking about! She did have Louboutins, didn't she? That commercial is hot!

    The one i'm thinking about though the woman gets out of the car and walks away to a fancy party or something. I think she had short black/dark brown hair and she was wearing a black dress. I'm almost positive it's a Lexus or even a Hyundai commercial (afterall, they did start comparing themselves to Lexus...).
  12. OMG YES!!!
    The Property Shop
    I always look forward to seeing the credits..to see footage of her walking in those hot shoes :wlae:
  13. She is carrying a CL shopping bag:yes:
  14. I do, when I was shopping for a car I saw this commercial. Then I bought my Lexus and told my hubby "Can I has a pair of CL now?" :lol:
  15. I saw this too. Is this the same woman walking around with her doggie inside her burberry purse??. She dresses nicely.