I spotted my first fake tonight!!!

  1. I was so proud of myself! Well, sort of. I was able to identify a fake that my sister-in-law's friend had...I looked at 2 things...the fabric and the tag and I just confirmed by looking at the Coach webpage! I am SO proud of myself...except I couldn't grow a pair and say something...(but in my head I was like, Yeah, well, mine is a baby Coach (in size) but it's the real deal, dammit!)
  2. You will probably find you see a lot more of them as you get familiar with them.
  3. It gets under my skin.

    My boyfriend, whom I drag along to coach shopping sprees all the time, knows how to tell now because I am also looking at them.
  4. My friend has a fake which she admitted was a fake but she feels that it looks just as good as the real thing and I cant bring myself to tell her she is wrong.
  5. Me, too. It sucks because it make me so mad that someone takes the time to make these damn things. AND, that people are proud to carry them. Damn it all.
  6. Sunny- Congratulations on your growing knowledge of Coach and it's products. It's awesome the first time you discover you know enough to recognize the fakes. :smile:

    I'm glad you didn't point out to your sil's friend that her bag was fake though. That can be a very sticky situation. You could really insult someone, or hurt their feelings by bringing attention to that sort of thing. Plus, it can also make you look like a know-it-all by offering up un-asked for opinions on something like that. When it comes to handbags and counterfeits, sometimes it's best not to say anything unless you're really close to the person, and know that they will believe you and not get angry with you for telling them.
  7. Thank you! I never know what to do, if I should say something or not...thank you for the insight!!
  8. You're welcome! :smile: You never know how someone could react. You'd have the best of intentions, just trying to make them aware, and it could completely backfire on you.