I spotted a beautiful MK bag. Was it YOU? (Post MK sightings here!)

  1. I figured it would be fun to start a MK sightings thread. I know MK is decently popular so I'm sure we shouldn't have too much trouble. I'd be interested in knowing if some of the people I spotted in the area are TPF MK lovers too! Post any sighting of an MK bag that you recently saw including the date, time, location, style/color of bag.

    I'll go first!

    I spotted a gorgeous XL Hamilton in Luggage at Montgomery Mall on 2/12 in the afternoon. I had never seen one IRL, it was my first time and WOW it was awesome! It makes me hope that MK brings that XL size back in the next season. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those. Definitely a rare bag to see around. I know it sold out super fast and that many people are still looking for it.

    I also saw another Hamilton at the mall. Same day, around the same time. It has slipped my mind what color it was but it was the N/S Tote version. The girl carrying it also had a MK shopping bag in her arms. Yay more MK!
  2. oh cool! this will be fun :smile:

    at Fair Oaks Mall, yesterday

    Luggage Hamilton
    Black Layton
  3. Saturday at White House/Black Market a E/W Hamilton in black with silver hardware.
  4. Luggage N/S Hamilton with GOLD HW at my local Express on Saturday 3/12/11
  5. I saw a two-toned (main color was navy, trim was white) MK Hamilton on my college campus the other week.
  6. hamilton N/S indigo
  7. Mocha Hamilton this past weekend 3/19 (i think) at my local mall. Can't remember exactly which store anymore.
  8. Yesterday at Macy's in Annapolis Mall. I don't know the name, but it was a gorgeous light color logo tote with a natural leather handle. I don't do logos, but this one looked gorgeous!