I spilled hot chocolate all over my brand new Damier Speedy

  1. My heart almost stopped. I spilled hot chocolate last night all over my new Damier Speedy 25. I had gone to Starbucks and coming out of the parking lot I had to turn sharp. I didn't look down at the seat (where I keep my bag so nothing spills on it, believe it or not) and my Venti hot chocolate had spilled all over the bag (handles, top sides) and the bag was literally floating in a puddle of hot chocolate! After I almost hit two cars and a triee and finally pulled over and took my blazer (which was the only thing handy) and was madly mopping up my bag - it was perfect! There wasn't a mark I could find on it inside or out. Thank heavens for Damier! If that had been my monogram Speedy - it would have been utterly destroyed, shining monkey or no. Thank goodness my monogram was at the store getting new handles.

    I'm not sure what I would have told a state trooper if I had mowed down two cars and a tree - um, officer - it was my NEW SPEEDY!?
  2. Hahaha.. too funny, but I'm glad that no one was hurt, especially not speedy ! :graucho:
  3. Isn't it crazy to be more worried about the speedy than the car or the tree!
  4. That's how you know you're addicted !! :biggrin:
  5. Wow! my advice: do not eat, drink, or attempt anything dangerous around a LV bag! lol
  6. I'm glad your speedy it ok and that you didn't hit anything!
  7. I remembered to ask my daughter if she was okay a few minutes later! (Just kidding - I had already dropped her off!)
  8. Thank goodness you didn't get into an accident! I'm so impressed that the damier is unscathed.
  9. You really have to watch those Starbuck lids, they do leak. I leaked coffee on my new Pucci scarf the first time I wore the thing. Glad you LV is ok. I know how I felt about my scarf.
  10. Purseloco - I would have been devastated - were you able to dry clean the scarf? Was it ruined?

    I was really amazed how well the Damier did - I am a convert now. It literally wiped right off.
  11. Thank god nobody got hurt:yes:
  12. How's the blazer??
    Damier is pretty indestructable! Glad that you are Ok & your bag is too.
  13. :wtf: :Push: :nuts: Thank godness everything's fine.:flowers:
  14. Thanks all! Isn't it fun to talk with people who understand our love for LV! (and my blazer didn't fare quite as well, but there's always dry cleaining)
  15. It's amazing! I thought there'd be stains or burns (yep I'm paranoid like that) but thank goodness it turned out perfect.