I spent some quality time with the Look Book today!

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  1. Since I had really seen everything in the store today, I decided to spend some quality time with the look-book! :excl:

    And I FOUND this (I took some pics with my cell phone, but I think you will agree that this is MUCH better.)

    Hamptons Vintage Demi #11365 $398 8"L x8"H x2"H It comes in: cognac, black, citron and white. (11/1)


    Now you remember that cute clutch that Teena posted?

    It's official name is Resort Woven Clutch and the color is "platinum." It's 10"L x 5"H. It's #11537 $398 (12/1)

    Now this bag, is NOT showing up on the drill-down yet. I had an absolute lust attack in the store when I opened the page to it. It's the same color as the one I posted above (listed as brass/platinum):

    It is the Resort Turnlock Tote #11538 $698 14"L x 15"H (12/1)


    Now OMG...these are little evening bags, I didn't write down the dimensions, but from memory I recall them being maybe index card sized.

    This one is called the Jewelry Minaudiere and is #113384 $598:


    And there was a PYTHON version that came in several colors, I remember a red color for sure (unfortuntely not for us CA folk) #11385 $698


    And that Legacy stripe clutch that Teena posted is $298.

    There was also a new bangle that I also loved (didn't get the #) it was the wider style and was an ocelot print, the background was white with gold signature with the darker colored spots.
  2. I got to flip through the look book on Friday and I really liked that Turnlock Tote as well!
  3. Cool! Thanks for the info!
  4. That Hampton's Demi is adorable!! I'm not a small bag girl, but I'd love to have that one in black. The price is pretty steep for a demi, though.
  5. That turnlock bag is insanely cute ! I have to have to one !
  6. You always have so much fun with that book, girl!!
  7. omg, i am so excited for all these new things to come out!
  8. Can't wait to see all the new things!
  9. Thank you, they are really cute....:tup:
  10. Thanks for sharing all these cute things!
  11. Thanks for sharing.