I spent my Coach gift card on pond colors!

  1. Finally spent my $200 Coach xmas gift card this afternoon... I wandered around the store for a long time, looking at new things and even trying on shoes. Eventually, I settled on two beautiful, unique things: The Legacy leather wristlet in pond, and the 1/2" bangle in silver/pond (last one in the store!)


    (imagine that in pond instead of orange)

    SO pleased with my purchases, I think these are the only blue accessories I have, and they are gorgeous. :love: Pics to come later!
  2. Congrats! Both are gorgeous.
  3. oh, you know what? i bet irl it is pretty as a bracelet! can you post it on yourself sometime!? i love modeling pix!

    i can't wait to get my grubby hands on the silver and purple bangle bracelet!
  4. Congratulations! I love the wristlet and bet the bangle looks awesome!
  5. cute color!
  6. CUTE! I love my bangle, I have gold/gold
  7. Found a better pic of the bangle, it's so cute! I think this is my favorite color in the collection...

  8. I love both pieces and you spent your money wisely. I love that bracelet.
  9. Love the pond color ... great wristlet & beautiful bangle! Enjoy!
  10. Both are beautiful...but I'm loving the blue bangle! Congrats
  11. Ohh that's adorable!
  12. How great for you!! Both are beautiful!!! I want the Pond wristlet!! I have the Pond Legacy shoulder bag, and think it goes with alot of colors!!! Wear them well!!!
  13. Love the Pond color!

    DO they carry it at Macy's or just Coach stores? I want to see it in person.
  14. I just got the wristlet too and I'm in love with the color! Now i want a bag too!

    I love the bracelet too - I'm envious you can wear them - my hands are so big I can't get them on!
  15. So pretty! Congratulations!