I spent FIVE HOURS in the COACH Outlet Today! Still Can't Decide...Need Help, Please!


What should I keep?

  1. Medium Chocolate Cotton Carly w/Wallet

  2. Chelsea Small Flap Khaki/Tobacco Signature

  3. Denim Carly Demi w/Wallet & Hat

  4. Chelsea & Carly Demi

  5. None of the Above...I know..it's not really an option!

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  1. Okay...I spent FIVE HOURS in the COACH Outlet ALONE today!!! I am INSANE!!! :nuts:I went by myself, which was a mistake because even though the SAs were extremely helpful, it just helps to have a FRIEND to give you their honest opinion! I even had to take a break and walk away (to Starbucks) to try to clear my head.
    They had SOOOOO MUCH great stuff:yahoo: it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to decide. So....Here's what I came home with:
    Medium Cotton Carly in Chocolate
    Matching Multifunction Wallet (Chocolate)
    Cotton Carly Demi - Denim
    Matching Multifunction Wallet (Denim)
    Matching Crusher Hat!!! (Denim)
    Perfume Print Umbrella
    Monkey Keyfob
    Owl Keyfob
    RAOK Goody!!!
    Suzie Sunnies!!!...FINALLY

    So, my dilemma is this:
    I just bought the Khaki/Tobacco Chelsea Small Flap with PCE and I LOVE it. I cannot keep all of this, so what should I keep & what should I take back??? I can EITHER keep the Medium Chocolate Carly & accessories or I can take that back and keep everything else (including the Chelsea). Or....should I keep the Denim Carly set (the HAT is a definite keeper, regardless of what else I keep or don't...I'm gonna use the heck out of it this summer). Do I NEED two smaller bags?? The Chelsea is more versatile. PLEASE HELP!! :nuts:
    NOTE: Keep in mind what I already have in my collection: The Turquoise Ergo Tote & a smaller Red Leather Hobo.
    IMG_2314.JPG IMG_2317.JPG IMG_2321.JPG IMG_2322.JPG
  2. I cant tell you what you should keep but I wil take the choc cotton off your hands, Ive really itching for one and cant get to an outlet til tues and that outlet only had 1 left today :p
  3. omg you guys are all getting me so excited to get to my outlet tonight!! hopefully they actually have stuff.

    and i think you should keep the med chocolate carly and the owl keyfob!
  4. I say keep the outlet goodies. The Chelsea will be around a while since it's new and may even make to the outlets. LOOOOVE your haul!!! :drool:
  5. Nice haul...keep all of it. :graucho: But if I had to pick one set I'd go with the denim stuff.

    I am calling my outlets almost daily and they are not carrying the cotton carlys...they've told me its too new. :confused1:
  6. Omg they had the krusher hat!?!?! I am sooo jealous. I wanted to order the chocolate hat 2 weeks ago during the PCE but when my SA looked it up he said they weren't available to order. Now the damn thing is up on the website and I don't want to pay full price for it. Do you remember if the outlet had them in chocolate?

    Btw I would keep the medium Carly. It looks great on you. I am seriously thinking about getting one myself.
  7. San Marcos just got the Cotton stuff in TODAY (last night)!!! They were STILL bringing new ones out from the back - and I was there for 5 hours!! They started out having just the Demis and a Slim Flap in each Denim & Chocolate. They had one Denim Shoulder Bag, too. They had lots of the Jade?? Cotton stuff. They had some Large Chocolate Cotton Carlys, but had JUST brought out the Medium in each this afternoon! The SA helping me said they'll be gone QUICKLY since they ARE so new!!! My only issue is this: The Chelsea is more of a "classic" that will go with everything. The Cotton stuff is more summery, to me. I'd LIKE to have something that will go year-round which is why I lean towards keeping the Chelsea (since I got it at PCE price) and maybe the Denim Demi.
    I don't know though. I LOVE the LOOK of the Chocolate...just don't know how I feel about it ON ME.
  8. Wow that's too bad about the cotton Carly's. Our local outlet has had at least five or six of the Large Cotton Signature Chocolate Carly's in the last week or so. As a matter of fact I got a smokin' deal on the one that I bought my wife last week.
  9. Do you know how much the Large Signature Carly's were?
  10. Personally, I'm not much of a sig fan and the big Cs aren't my taste at all. However, the Carly looks really good on you. If you want something that will have more year round ability, I agree that you keep the Chelsea and maybe the denim.
  11. I just called 3 outlets by me and it figures the one that is an hour and a half away has the signature cotton stuff. They said they have tons of boxes in the back that they are putting out tomorrow, but they said no hats. Sometimes I really hate the outlets around here grr. Hopefully the other 2 I try will have better answers.
  12. Bethie:Well, the Medium came to $191. I think the Large may have been around $220-230?!?! Don't quote me on that though.
    LoracNJ: They did NOT have the Chocolate Crusher...I asked. I would've gotten it if they had had it (maybe even BOTH of them!!:graucho:)
    Graberg: that is kind of what I think, too...I am trying to be a LITTLE practical here - wanting to stick more with styles I can wear year-round.
  13. I like the medium chocolate cotton carly! I might be a little bias because that's the one I really want, lol!
  14. The large Signature Cotton Carly was $232 plus tax at the San Marcos outlet.
  15. Oh man, I can't help you, I'm having the same outlet dilemna!! They all look great, they're all great prices, ugh!!