i spend waaaay too much time here...

  1. two thousand posts. i can't even believe i've spent that much time talking to you all! :whistle:

    i follow a lot of boards, but this is the first place that i've felt compelled to actually post. i have had SO much fun here! definately passed many a lonely night. you ladies (and gents!) rock! thanks so much vlad and megs for starting such a wonderful community and the mods for helping it run so smoothly.

    ok. i'm done gushing now. i just saw a really big number under my avatar and couldn't believe it. hehe. too bad i'm on a bag ban til after christmas. someone go buy something and post pictures so i can live vicariously. :wlae:
  2. It is scarily easy to max out those posts on here, I completely agree Ilzabet.

    I guess it is because so many interest topics are covered here, there is always something to reply to :biggrin:
  3. Congrats ilzabet!!!! I love reading your posts...keep 'em coming!!!!
  4. Congrats, ilzabet!
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. I have to cut back my hours at night so I can sleep earlier and get to work earlier. LOL. We'll see how that goes.
  7. yay!!!!
    congrats!it's a pleasure to talk with you!:whistle:
  8. In total agreement here - I am new but I see this becoming an addiction. Yeah - somebody go buy something, I want to live vicariously too. cheers all...
  9. Yay Ilzabet!!!!
  10. Congrats!! I know what you mean. It took me forever to get to 1000 post, but now they seem to be adding up really quickly.
  11. ilzabet, I love your posts!! Congrats on 2k!
  12. Congrats, and we love your company too!
  13. I hope you continue to spend a lot time here! I love reading your posts:yes:
  14. Congrats
  15. I love reading your posts, too.:flowers: Keep them coming!:yes: