I SOOOO Want This!

  1. I do, I really do!
  2. ^^ me too!!! but in maple or lilac.... im hoping i can wait till the next batch of sales for this...

  3. www.thepursestore.com
  4. ^^me three!!!

    I tried this bag on several times when I was in America and I kind of regret not getting it. I love it in lilac.
  5. I saw it on eBay! of all places!!
  6. when are the next batch of sales? i really, really, really want this... but can't bring myself to pay full price for it.
  7. it's cute. can be shoulder carried, roomy, and surprisingly light. perfect spring/summer bag.
  8. It's adorable!
  9. I bought this bag on eBay and just received it. I don't like it at all. No structure, too soft and squishy. You would have to carry a lot to get it to even sit up on its feet. Very floppy!
  10. cute!
  11. i love this bag... ;)
  12. I saw this bag IRL and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! :drool:

    I feel the same way as you do! It's on my WANT list, but I dont want pay full price for it. Here's hoping there will be a sale on these sometime soon.
  13. i can't believe you found this bag on ebay... ifyou ever want to sell it- let me know! :tup:
  14. saw it at Nordies earlier this week in lilac.. so CUTE! i'm hoping it'll go on sale soon!
  15. I bought the bag on ebay for 450.00 and received it yesterday. I also returned it yesterday! To me it was just a large leather shopping bag. The knotted handles were heavy and weighed the bag down. I don't think it would have ever sat upright unless it was stuffed beyond belief!! I have kinda gotten into the quilted or patchwork stuff so it just did not do anything for me in real life. Keep your eyes on ebay I am sure he will relist!!Good Luck