I soooo want another Fidji...or 2...or 3

  1. Anyone know which resellers tend to get Goyards?

    I didn't realize how much I love my white Fidji until this past year. I bought it when the Fidji was already discontinued & it was one of the last 3 at Barney's NY. It sat around for quite a while before I realized how it's so much better for my lifestyle than the St. Louis or the more structured G's I have.

    I've visited and/or contacted BG, Barney's NY & LA, Goyard SF, London and Paris to no avail.

    I'd really appreciate any leads. Many thanks!
  2. I went to Goyard Tokyo last week and saw a yellow Fiji on display, price tag was 166,000 ¥ (around $2000). Was a bit surprised they still hv Fiji since it has been discontinued
  3. Oooohhh, a white Fidji! A beautiful bag in a great color!
  4. I so agree! The Fidji, because of the top zip makes it reallyconvenient! I think I am overusing my yellow fidji. Of course because it's 'extinct', it's even more precious to me. Why not try get Grenadines? Though I don't have one yet, it's shaped in the same way
  5. Cataluyna -- Thanks so much. I'll reach out to Tokyo...I saw a yellow one on a reseller's site, but it had already been sold.

    chloefanatic -- thanks! i do love the white -- just wish i lived in a more temperate climate to use it more often.

    Cataluyna -- Thanks for the suggestion. I did get a Grenadine in the black w/ brown leather. I do like it and use it frequently, but it's more structured (both the bottom & the strap) & considerably heavier.