I sooo want....

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  1. I soo want an epi alma in black...I have the ivoire...please talk me out of it...like I need another bag....it is just wasteful and greedy to always be wanting one more LV...shame on me...I need to join the consumerism group...anyhow I have a black prada hobo style, MC black aureilla, neocabby black mm...now do I really need a black alma???? :wtf: is my problem.....:rolleyes::sad::nuts:
  2. We don't *need* the nice bags we have or buy! The questions, IMO, are how much you want it, how much you'd use it and how it fits into your budget.

    If you are going to get something, might I suggest the black Bowling Montaigne? Similar to the Alma but that way you wouldn't have two of the same bag.
  3. No you don't need ... but buy it and give it to me, lol!

    None of us really NEED the bags we have ... we just WANT them, GO FOR IT!

    Will it make you happy? Of course it will ... such a gorgeous bag!
  4. I think Alma is my very favorite LV bag. Don't get the black one, instead get the new MM Vernis is Pomme D'Amour. That will at least be different (to some degree).
  5. ohhh good idea...wondering if the vernis will hold up as well as the epi...
  6. It will make me happy but, I think I may have a bag issue...not sure why I desire so many different bags when many just sit in the closet...what void is LV filling for me...
  7. I have a gucci bowling bag in green...and now only want to go with classic iconic LV pieces...too many trendy it bags so, now I am only going with classic pieces..it is my new rule...
  8. Very gorgeous and I don't think I can blame you for wanting it!!!
  9. oooh.. Alma is a classic style. And black goes with virtually everything! And it doesn't scream "look at me!".. I'm thinking you might need this bag cuz all your other bags scream "Look at me! I'm beautiful!" And an Alma whispers "Want me..."
  10. Do you really think anyone here would talk you out of a bag???:nogood:
  11. Hmm, most of my LV's are impractical to use and don't usually go with anything in my wardrobe but still I keep wanting more and more and more.:sweatdrop: If you can afford it and the alma will make you happy then you might as well buy it.:devil: Unless you are strong enough to wait until the new winter stuff is released as there may be a different style of bag you like even better?
  12. You only need (I use need loosely) the black Alma if you don't have the style already covered. Better to get something different, red epi or vernis. I've got the zippy wallet in vernis and fingerprints aren't as big an issue as I had originally thought. The rule I use is it needs to go with at least 6 - 12 outfits that you don't have something else that also works (I use this more for shoes). I'm a collector too, so I feel your pain and desire. Don't get another black bag, at least get red or one of the newer colors.

    My SA at NM LV said that the new vernis alma is so fabulous that she will get one immediately and pay full price. What does that tell you????? Besides red is neutral, black is just black. Think about what that $1200 will also purchase or go towards...
  13. I think the Alma is a gorgeous bag, but if you've already got one, maybe you might want to consider a different style in black epi? The Bowling Montaigne or perhaps the Jasmine? :nuts:
  14. I'm certainly not going to help any, but no you may not need it, but it sure is nice to get one. Go for it!! It's such a great bag.
  15. Hon.... I have the same problem. If you really want to be talked out of it, don't post here, post in the Consumerism section. They're very good at bringing you down to earth!

    Personally, I think it sounds like you have a lot of black bags. A casual one and a dressy/ work one are plenty. If I were you I'd sell one before I bought the black Alma.