I sooo got an itch thats gotta get scratched!

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  1. Ok...just got my email from eluxury...reminding me that there is only 5 more days of free shipping:rolleyes: ....and with the talk of another price increase in Feb:wtf: ....I got such a big itch to purchase....I'm going crazy!:nuts:

    I was going to buy the Speedy 40...but elux is all out of stock...now I'm thinking of the Lockit...Anyone else have the little version of the lockit??? if so....do you like it?

    I tend to go for the bigger hand/forearm held bags...so I'm wondering if 11x11 is big enough?
  2. I have the lockit pm, it's roomy. I'm so happy with it too. The handles are comfortable, and I really like it a lot. Got a lot of compliments on it too!
  3. i don't have it, but i personally think it's really pretty. i like it in the white suhali. :smile:
  4. maybe someone with this bag could show us how much it holds.

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  5. I have the Lockit Horizontal and that bag is for those who enjoy bigger bags..it is gorgeous and light weight...I love my LH and highly recoommend it..go to the clubhouse and check out the thread on Lockits...also I can carry my LH in my hand, forearm or shoulder....love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I really like the lockit in white!!
  7. Love it!!
  8. i think the suhali lockit in white is gorgeous, but it's alot pricier than mono. for mono, i like the look of LH better than the regular lockit. :yes: