I SOOO do not want your bag...

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  1. Hi Ladies! I read your threads and look at your desires and new arrivals...and most of the time, I see bags that I DON'T want...

    Is this just me? Or do you all feel the same way?
    Anyway, this makes me feel good! It has helped me define my style...and understand what I really do like in a bag.

    How do you feel when you read threads and see purses? Do you want everything? Or not much?
  2. nah, not really. but i usually stay to the Chloe, LV , COach and Dior forums; that is not so good for defining what I DON:T want!
  3. sometimes, but like ^her, I usually hang in my favorite Forum, which is the Chanel Forum, it's my softspot:drool:
  4. I do tend to stick to my favourite forums but when I do venture into others I'm split really. There are quite a few bags that I look at and don't want but at the same time there are some that I would love to have but are above my budget!!

    I love the Jewellery, Watches and Celebrity sub-forums too though and I see loads of stuff that I like in those (especially the watches and rings!).

    I know what you mean though - it is funny how you become so faithful to certain designers.
  5. In the main forum (this one) yes, I feel that way and I often do if I venture to certain subforums. With that said, I actually spend most of my time in the Chanel forum and visit other subforums that interest me. The people in those are the ones who have similar taste.

    I do however look at many collections and know I wouldn't want it. I would be bored if most of my bags came from only 1 designer even though I do have favorites.
  6. Usually when just pictures of the bags themselves are posted, I could take them or leave them but when they are modeling pics and I see how nice they look when worn, I really get into them and start checking them out at different sites or trying to track them down IRL.
  7. When it comes to the actual bag forums, I am either here or the LV forum. I don't necessarily want everything I see.
  8. I really don't want anything anymore except Hayden-Harnett, but I like to read about all the different things folks go through, here in the Main forum.
  9. Sometimes I like the bag and other times I don't. Just being a handbag person I admire the design of most handbags. It doesn't mean that that particular bag will work for my needs.

    I also like to use the main forum for exposure to new deisgners that I probably would never had heard of liek Gerard Darel, Botkier, Gussto, Gryson, etc. I also like to hear about situations others are in since I can often relate.
  10. No matter what the bag is... I:heart:seeing how excited that person is. You can really feel their joy!
  11. I agree with KatsBags--I get giddy over seeing other's new babies! I have found that my tastes have gone towards lesser-known brands and having something that other's DON'T have.
  12. I found my style after frequently visiting the Balenciaga forum.
  13. I also tend to stick in the subforums, but I like the main forum for lesser liked brands which are still drool-worthy - like Be&D, Lanvin, etc.
  14. Sometimes seeing a new bag makes me want it, but only if it already fits my needs. I haven't really had any handbag epiphanies since I've joined tPF.
  15. Most bags I've been attracted to and bought are bags I've seen on real women out in the world - It's the best advertising there is - I pretty much know what I like but I love seeing new bags or bags I'm not familiar with here on the different forums. It's a wonderful education!