I sold my first bag, and i cant get the money from pay pay.. help

  1. Hi , I finally sold my first bag, Im such a newb, anyway I am trying to get pay pal to transefer the funds to my checking account and they say it is over the 500 dollar limit, I try lifting the limit and enter all bank info ect and it says they made 2 deposits into my checking account, then they say they are unable to verify my bank, I am now unverified and about to send the bag out. I'm so scared I am going to not get the money after reading all of these eBay and pay pal horror stories. I know it is not good to leave the money in the pay pal account but how do I get it out? Sorry if this post sounds confusing, i am so lost in all of this. Thanks anyone who reads this and replys.
  2. If you look in Pay pal Customer service, there is a 1800. number for customer service. It is alot easier than emailing them. They are very helpful and will straighten it out. I had a problem and they helped me right away. Good Luck!
  3. It is confusing at first - I well remember realising the money in my Paypal account was showing but I had no idea how to get it out! Anyway, the process is as you describe - have you checked your bank account? What you need to do is let Paypal know what the small amounts they deposited were, plus one or two other checks and then the account is verified. The money stays in your Paypal account until you are free to move it to your bank account. I don't think there is a risk therefore in sending out the bag, but I could be overlooking something, so perhaps wait for some others to respond too.
  4. Yes, you need to tell paypal what were the 2 small amount deposits. You should be able to find a link for you to enter these amounts.
  5. ^^That's how the procedure is.
  6. they place a withdrawal limit too so be careful
    even after verifiying bank details you can only withdraw 1500 pds in the uk
    without having home address verified and credit card placed on file

    so do be safe