I sold my first baby!

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  1. :wlae:
    I sold my first bag on eBay! I actually had the balls to do it! :supacool: I've been through hell and back as a buyer on eBay, so I'm trying so hard to accomodate to this buyer lol. They all waited til the last 45 seconds to jump on my auction, which almost gave me a heart attack cause I figured no one wanted her. :sad: Anyway, I really hope this goes smoothly. Don't worry ladies, there are still sellers out there who still believe in customer satisfaction! :tup:

    Thanks for reading!
  2. congrats !! with the title I thought you had sold your 1st child lol haha :lol::lol:
  3. What did you sell and are you happy with the price you got????
  4. Socialite - LOL! I wrote that to rope you in! That, and they're the only children I have, haha..

    Fauve - I sold my chanel cambon messenger! It took me 2 tries to sell it (I suggest auction style over best offer/buy-it-now) but in the end, I am happy with the price. A little sad she will be going, but the buyer seems nice and I need the money!
  5. Congrats, I'm trying to sell a bag right now too.. and this is my 2nd attempt, so I'm paying 10$ in listing fees so far!! :sad:
  6. ^^ Jen, doesn't eBay refund your relisting fee??
  7. We have heard many horrible and strange eBay stories on the forum, but I believe most of the eBay buyers and sellers are nice and responsible, and most of transactions are smooth and successful; othewise eBay will not survie until today, right?

    As long as both parties keep good communication with each other, it should be a successful transaction.

  8. How beautifully worded! Thank you for the kind words, lovemyangels! I agree with you 100%! :flowers:
  9. Congrats on selling your 1st bag! I'm in the same boat, with my 1st handbag auction ending in a few days... I set my starting bid sorta low with no reserve, and I have a ton of watchers but I was also freaking out because no one's bid yet. Then I looked at all the completed auctions of the same style bag and noticed that about 20 bids came in in the last half hour or so!
  10. Glad someone bought it! We sold an expensive motorcycle helmet on Ebay a few weeks ago and the bidding really only started in the last few minutes... made me nervous as the seller since up until 5 mins before the end I didn't think it would go! lol
    Did your buyer pay you right away?
  11. I just listed 2 bags for the VERY 1st time. I am so nervous! I hope I have a happy ending, too.
  12. Congrats - so good to hear a good ebay story :smile:
  13. Jodi, My buyer paid by eCheck, and I just had to do a little forum search to figure out how that worked, lol. girliceclimber & crred, TRUST me, it ain't over 'til it's over! My bidders came at the last minute, literally! And I agree, Joydaly, it's sad that good ebay stories are so uncommon. But we have every possible resource you could need right here in the forum. I hope that makes you all feel more confident!
  14. Yeah, there are always TONS of bidders in the last minute- myself included :P Those snipers do battle over an item in seconds.
  15. congrats!