I sold a purse, but the buyer is super suspicious...what do you suggest?

  1. I sold a bag yesterday on eBay. The buyer just joined yesterday, has an 'interesting' user name, and their address is 666 hwy to hell...

    I sent an invoice. Do I contact eBay right away though...to ask their thoughts? I have serious doubts this buyer is for real.(duh) how long do I wait until I hear from them and relist it?

    This is weird. People are weird, huh? Why would you have that much time on your hands to carry on like that???
  2. I don't know, but you can't really do anything until 7 days anyhow.
    Why not just assume the best and give them a few days. . . it's only been 1 right?
  3. What state are located in,I'll check it with a map & streets locator.
  4. Can I give their user name to you all?
    They are in CA

    and I didn't know about the 7 days. I'm so bad about the necessary 'technical' reading...thanks Swank!
  5. no, please don't reveal their ID here.
  6. You have to wait 7 days to relist and file non-paying-bidder. When this happened to me I sent an invoice on day 1, a reminder on day 3, and I was going to send a second reminder on day 5 or 6. Luckily the first reminder did the trick.
  7. Well, like Swank said, it's been a big, whopping day...but it's just a weird name, then there's the address, the fact they joined right before bidding on my bag. I'll wait a few and see if they contact me.
    swanky, is that your daughter? Too precious...
  8. Weird indeed,when I did that address search it kept coming up hwy to the stars,CA :smile: :rolleyes:
  9. THanks, Cat! ;)
  10. If sounds like a phony account, you can contact the eBay trust & safety department without having to wait the 7 days. Make sure you save your listing or schedule a relist for a later date as if it is a trust & safety issue that original listing will vanish into thin air.
    You can also go to goofbay.com and see what else the bidder has been buying/bidding on.
    Good luck!
  11. report to ebay and livehelp, this is a scammer, tell ebay they have invalid contact info, they'll get NARUed right away
  12. it IS very curious! Sounds like a made up addy. . .

    yeah, that's my girl:love: thanks!
  13. Thanks Joo...thanks everyone. I"m going to send a message to eBAy.
  14. No, it doesn't sound right. But maybe just wait a few days to see what happens. Let us know how it goes - I'm really interested to know if eBay will do anything!
  15. I started the process to notify eBay...but between my kids interrupting me and the hoops I felt I was going through just to notify them of an iffy seller...I just gave up.
    I sent an invoice, sent an email...have heard nothing. I'll wait a few more days just until the 7 days are up, then relist it (that's correct, right...just relist after 7...I don't have to contact eBay, right?)
    I'm not going to leave them any feedback either...