I sold a Dooney to a 10month old.

  1. no joke.

    Cutest lil baby.
    I swear her mom was just lettin her chew this Bitsy Bag, and all i could think of "you better buy that". Mom was looking for a matching wallet to go with her dooney...Couldnt find one...Said ok we will just get this then...(its for her pacifier)

    So i go to get the bag outta the little girls hand, and she would not let go...I had to get the sensor out...I couldnt get it outta her hand...I finally did...:crybaby:Water works.

    As soon as i put it back in her hands...all smiles...

    It was cute...
    ...10monthes old
  2. Awwwww, how cute.

    Hmm.....I might try this next time I'm shopping with hubby. LOL.
  3. ^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. That's totally adorable. Thanks for the story!

  5. awww thats so cute!!! being a dooney fan must not have any age requirements. thanks for sharing.
  6. awww lol, thats unfortunate for the 10 month old's future wallet! starting WAY early!
  7. hehehh waterworks. cutesy story! just absolutely cute!!! gonna share it w/my bf . but yeah, starting WAY early
  8. hahaa, I kind of like this story! poor mother though...
  9. Oh wow! I'm surprised the mom just let her chew on it. As an SA also, I would've been thinking the exact same thing! hehe. :p
  10. Aww that is cute.
  11. How cute!
  12. Wow that is one deluxe pacifier- I'm glad mom had money to burn!
  13. Adorable :smile: she's starting early!
  14. What a cute story!
  15. Sheesh...that's one nice mom. I think I'll wait until my kids can at least talk before they get a designer purse. LOL