I Sold A Bag and Now I have Problems??

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  1. On Saturday (Aug 9th) I accepted a "best offer" from a buyer. A little while later she writes:

    "Hi. I would just like to verify before I pay that if the bag is not in the condition stated that I can return it for a full refund. I've had issues with items being not as described so I am just taking precautions. Thanks very much!"

    I answered:

    "Absolutely!! You will LOVE this bag!! You can see by my feedback that I don't embellish the condition of my bags. I totally understand your apprehension though. A couple of hundred dollars is a lot of money to spend (on a new or used bag). I scrutinize every bag that I buy. I know that sales people probably get annoyed with me because I will have them bring several of one bag to me so I can pick the perfect one. This Carly (or any of my personal bags) has never touched the floor. I used it for about three weeks total (and not all at one time because I change out my bags so often). To make a long story short...I want you to be happy and I am sure you will be. It is GORGEOUS!! I know you will love it! I will send it out on Monday the 11th. As soon as you get it please let me know. And please leave feedback (positive I hope :smile:)--Deborah :smile:"

    I shipped her bag yesterday morning(8/11) and she got it today(8/12). Oh... and her shipping cost less than I quoted and I refunded her immediately upon shipping before she even knew.

    Now I get this email:

    "Hi Deborah, I got the purse today and was a little dissappointed. The color is much darker than in the pictures, I had to hold it up to the screen to see if I was losing it :smile: also its smaller than I expected. The packaging was great and card was a very cute touch (by the way). Anyways I would like to return it, unfortunately, it's nice but I don't love it. Thanks again"

    Now I am really livid. I haven't answered her yet because I am so mad! :cursing:The color is much darker than the picture?? She had to hold it up to the screen?? It's smaller than expected?? The measurements are on the auction!! She wasn't unhappy with the bag! It was the resolution on her computer screen!!

    This is an auction, not a dept. store! What should I do?? She got a phenomenal deal!!!
  2. ^ wow - I wouldn't give a refund. Sounds like buyers remorse!

    Seems like she was trying to back out of the sale before she even bought it. Colors on the screen are not accurate - that's not a good way to judge.

    If you listed the dimensions then she can't really complain - but of course, she will.

    Not sure how paypal would rule if she filed a SNAD - seems like lately they're siding with buyers for everything. :tdown:
  3. PayPal won't rule in her favor. They don't take on cases of "Not as described" with differences like that. I know I have tried before. Also I would politely tell her the dimensions are clearly listed in your auction for her to see BEFORE she placed her bid. It's not your fault she didn't pay attention to them, etc. (don't say that I was just commenting LOL) I would also tell her that the colors can appear different on the computer screens then IRL and that is not by fault of you. Stand your ground unless you want to take it back. I honestly am tired of buyers thinking eBay is like Wal-Mart and you can return something just cause "you don't like it". I make sure I am 100% sure I will like the bag before I bid/buy anything. You didn't mislead her at all. Sounds like buyer's remorse or she found it cheaper on another auction or elsewhere. I've had that happen too.
  4. You could tell her that you told her she could return it if the condition is not what you stated, and that's not what she's asking to return it for.
  5. I wouldn't refund her, she should have sked all questions beforehand.
  6. I wouldn't let her return it. eBay is not a store where you can return things over something silly like that. Of course it may look bigger, it has to do with how the picture was taken with the camera. I've bought a couple bags myself where I thought they'd be bigger due to pictures, but I'm still happy with them. Tell her that you disclosed everything in the auction prior to her buying.
  7. Are you kidding me? WTF??!! I would NEVER ask to return a bag for those reasons. Its ebay, not Nordstroms!!! Hence the great deal, right? Im sorry you have to deal with this - I would be at a loss at to what to do too. Let us know how it turns out.
  8. Ok, this is would be my immediate thought... do you think she would try and send you back a different bag for a refund? Maybe I am completely paranoid, but this would be what I would be afraid of, especially since she was already anticipating the "return" before the bag even arrived. I wouldn't take it back. You did everything you needed. You listed the dimensions, and the color is different in the pics than in real life... what's that about... I don't know, that's JMHO! Good luck!!
  9. Ugh I wouldn't return it either but you KNOW she's gonna throw it in your face that you said she could return it. Just say that you said she could return the bag if it was "not in the condition stated" (her words) and that you stated/photographed very clearly the dimensions and color.

    That sucks.
  10. Tuptake, that's what I'm thinking too. The old bait and switch deal.
  11. OK, I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this. Especially since she's stating the size and color are different... just like with most replica handbags... I'm just afraid she'd send you back some horrible fake or a different bag completely... or an empty box... my mind works in strange ways.

    Did you state a refund policy in your auction? I don't think you're obligated to accept returns, especially under those cirumstances unless you stated you'd specifically take returns. :nogood: Plus, I agree with everyone else, I doubt Paypal will side with her. It's too weird... why are people so weird?
  12. :rolleyes: I wouldn't refund her one thin dime. It is not your fault she didn't get out a tape measure and figure out how big the bag was, and your refund policy doesn't cover what she's complaining about. ITA with those that said she was trying to return from the get-go.
  13. Tell her she can use your photos and list it for sale. No returns. Eat the negative.
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  15. I agree with this 100%. I can't see a reason for ebay/paypal being in her favor on this one. You *might* get a negative f/b on ebay, which stinks too, but at least you'll still have your money, and it seems like you are a pretty good seller anyway. I'm so sorry :sad: :tdown: