I so want the Neverfull GM for my birthday

  1. I want the Neverfull GM so badly.. and it's gonna be my b-day next month!
    SO wanted to get me the Tiffany bean, but after we went to Tiffany yesterday, I decided I dont fancy the bean at all.

    So I suggested that I really really want the Neverfull GM so badly..
    he asked me to consider then let him know what other options I have.
    But I know my options are: Nf GM, Nf GM, and Nf GM! Gah...

    I'm just afraid he might get disappointed in me because we're supposed to be saving up for a house and our wedding. :push::sad:
  2. Let him know that this is a quality bag that you can use for years. It will increase in value, etc. Perhaps he will see the light....
  3. I feel your pain - as I am also saving to build a house...

    If he keeps asking you for other options - have you thought of suggesting something else in your wishlist?
  4. I have nothing else which I want really badly at the moment.
    If he really finds it too extravagant (cos I've bought 4 LVs for the past 3 mths), then I'll just have to skip.. :tdown:
  5. Awwww.... you both have good points! You more so, of course because it's LV!!!! lol... I hope it works out for you - you'll LOVE the Neverfull GM!!!
  6. Awww
  7. It will work out in the end.......even if you have to wait awhile to get it. Maybe start a purse fund and put a little aside from each paycheck.