I so need to start a new speedy club..OOOCHAWOOOCHA DAMIER SPEEDY CLUB HERE WE GO!!!!

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  1. doesn't matter if u are a damier speedy 25, 30 or 35 fan.............:yahoo:

    shoutoutz!!!!!! :wlae:

    1) which one do u have?
    2) how often do u use it?
    3) pics???

    1) damier 25 for me..
    2) EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3) posted..see it again!!! :yahoo:
    speedy2.jpg speedy3.jpg
  2. I'm in!!

    1. speedy 25
    2. more often than all my other purses
    3. see attachments!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. You look HOT with that bag!!!
  4. here's my Damier Speedy 25, with its black Inclusion Speedy Keyring :love:. i've only used it twice since i got it a month ago, but i love to look at it :blush:!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. I have a speedy 25
    I used it for a month straight when I first got it, now it's on and off
    speedies with no flash.JPG
  6. here is my Damier Speedy 30
    I use it at least 1-2 times week (i love her)!!

    here's an LV family photo...

  7. i've got the mono 30.
    i've not used it yet!
  8. of course i have the 30!

    i haven't used it in a few days...

    these are pics from the visual aids thread:


  9. I have to agree the damier looks HOT with black!!

    Great pic's ladies.
  10. Looking good, ladies!!!:love:

    I:heart:my Damier Speedy 30!!!
    PICT2635.JPG damier.JPG damier_pic.JPG
  11. Mine speedy 30 with panda..can't wait for cousin damier azur speedy..
    DSC03892.JPG DSC04060a.JPG DSC04062a.JPG
  12. :wtf: now i want the damier speedy. for months i had no feelings for this darn bag and now pictures with y'all holding it so beautifully! damn! i'm going straight to bag hell!:rant:

    i think i'm going crazy!!!:upsidedown:

    yup! i'm in:girlsigh:
  13. u look hawwwwt!!! :graucho:

  14. damier ebene speedy 30 with strap and charm
    speedy 2.jpg speeeedy.jpg
  15. Count me in! I have the Damier 30. I have the mono 30 also--love them both!
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