I so much regret it!!

  1. OK i was browsing on eBay and found a purple mahala. It is TDF - I'm thinking I SHOULD HAVE open the box and look at her before sending it back to JC - I will see what I can do to get her back because I like it alot. I really thought it was gonna look the same way it does online - but not at all....:sad:\

  2. What a beauty!!!!!!!
    wow - love that bag :smile:
  3. You sent it back without opening the box and looking at it? That's will power...have you gotten the other 2 you ordered? Can't wait to see your new Ramona and didn't you get a liquid patent? Pics please!!!:amazed:
  4. Yeah I didnt even open the box, after speaking with Casey she really got me into the Aubergine Malena so I decided I wanted the Malena since I already have a Mahala. But I have contact JC and told ask them if I can get it back they said they will call me once they contact DHL.

    I still have not received the Cognac Maddy or the Black Ramona ( i order this 2 after I order the purple) they are in CA in clearance process ( cuz of the h2osnake ramona) since the 15th :sad: .... I have also contact JC about this one since I do not want to wait 2 wks like Robyn to received them. I was wondering if they can maybe contact customs or something to request the Ramona back so I can have my Maddy... but Im still waiting on a response....

    Will keep you all posted