i so get it now.. the colours story

  1. i'm very new to bbags and started with a black GH work, truffle GH work and all along thought -hmmm whats the big deal about this difficult debate about the next colour? I guess when you're new to it, acquiring the first 2 or 3 is very easy.

    BUT NOW after a greige twiggy and my steel PT, I'm stuck - what colour should the next one be? its almost like i'm paralysed with indecision!!:sweatdrop: it gets harder with each one.

    My question to all the senior and very experienced tpfers out there : what are the major colour families that bal does well?

    Blues, Greens, Red, Browns seem to be what everyone is talking about. I'm thinking I should get 1 in each family to sort of complete the collection. any advice.

    my head is spinning :blink::blink:

    i dont even know if i'm making sense??
  2. lol. I think the next step is to aqcuire a red and then a tan/caramel and then your neutrals will be covered. After that, any color that gets your heart beating fast should be your next choice. It can be all about lust rather han necessity.
  3. tan/ caramel : the sandstones/mastics -yes i see your point... i do like all thes colours : missed the sandstone, mastic i'm still thinking about and now with the 08 sand - its a question of searching for an older colour or wait and see??

    i think i've got the bbag fever. :nuts:

    u know whats worse : i started drawing a colour chart like the one at ateliernaff (i miss it so much) to sort of fill in the blanks but i have no colour/ art sense at all! :nogood: ok i'm officially mad now!
  4. I'd say go for a "punch" color. You have a lot of fabby neutrals (which are always great!) - but a think a nice splash of color would round out your beautiful collection!

    Good Luck! :flowers:
  5. A blue. Bal has the BEST blues EVER.
  6. That is my delimma too, Reformlved. All of my bag collection is neutral/brownish, kind of boring, but I love it, more practical :p....Next, I am ready to explore different colors and I am looking forward to the s/s 2008 collection. Blue, pink, or green would be nice? :confused1:
  7. glad to know I'm not the only one who's got the bbag crazies! :yes:

    I think I'm going to work on a tan and the next one will be a pop of green maybe -its the only colour that can work in my wardrobe.

    2008 should be fun!:tup:
  8. Oh get a blue...get a blue...I love blues! You'll really be hooked once you start getting bright colours...Vert Gazon is STUNNING!!!
  9. I agree that bbag colors are just amazing! But for myself, I went from brighter colors to the basic neutrals. Now my favorite bbags are the black first and plomb/steele city.
  10. i just found a bordeaux, and i am in love with the "neutral" red wine color. i'm one who finds reds to be neutrals along with blacks, etc... i say whatever color you wear a lot that is YOUR "neutral" :smile:
  11. thanks u guys, my gut says get a mastic/sandstone/ caramel type colour - i always resisted because i'm not the cleanest little girl :roflmfao:. i get grubby hands in humid asia and the thought of the handles darkening... :crybaby:

    i keep thinking about a nice beige/caramel colour though -cant. help. myself. darn
  12. I think if you are good about sprying it with apple guard, you won't have too much trouble keeping her clean. If you still can't stomach a light-colored bag, then your decision to go with green is smart. I love Balenciaga's blues, but I don't find blues to be very versatile because I don't like wearing blue bags with jeans (the one exception being blueberry - if you do get a blue, that one is phenomenal)
  13. Blues, Greens, Red, Browns seem to be what everyone is talking about. I'm thinking I should get 1 in each family to sort of complete the collection. any advice.

    You said it right. After acquiring the neutral colors, it is time to move on to the more specific and exciting color family. I was very much into neutral colors, but when I discovered bbags, I finally ventured into a red, blue, and I am also on the list for a jeune.
  14. The colors make the bags so much fun- I love switching to a new one that I have and working my clothes around it. People who aren't obsessed with them do not get it though. They think I'm out of my mind. :nuts: