I snatched up all the azur on elux for my fellow members!

  1. I've got like 10 key holders, the zippy wallet, and 1 speedy 25!

    I'm just sittin here so let me know if you want me to release something for you!:graucho:
  2. You're sooo funny, you've been doing this since last week.... that's sweet of you,,, but I'm on a poo-poo ban.
  3. lol..a poo-poo ban!?!? What the heck is that?

    I'm still trying everyday to find an azur agenda and of course I try for everything else..I jokingly typed in 10 for the quantity of the key holder and actually got them!

    I hope I can give someone the speedy though. I know how hard it is to get!
  4. that is so funny you go girl!
  5. oooh, azur agenda is something I've thought of lately too, but he poo-poo ban would stop me...lol.... yeah, I adore my azure 25, hope someone gets that from ya, it took me forever to get mine... I also already have the cles and it's fabulous, when you said the key holder is it the cles or the 4 key holder or ????

  6. it's the 4 key holder
  7. Ethan's Mommy: I saw an azur agenda yesterday. I didnt know that you want it. I should've saved it for you. Sorry. :sad:
  8. I didn't get the agenda though. Dunno who got it.
  9. That's OK! Thank you anyway though!

    No more speedy in my cart...it says sold out now:push:

  10. I'll keep an eye for you next time. :graucho:
  11. now you are a TRUE LV HERO!! I love that!
  12. You are lovely!!! Make me smile.anyway..:yes:
  13. whatta gal!
  14. I saw the Azur agenda yesterday, Angela. Would have kept it in my cart if I knew...
  15. you suck:wtf:


    I want is so badly with no tax! :p