I snagged a teal Coach belt! ((PICS))


Feb 5, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
Yesterday I was at the outlet and I couldn't believe my eyes :nuts:when I saw a belt that perfectly matched my teal gigi! I love it when there are other ways to wear teal & turnlocks! :yahoo: This belt has a chain all around the back with teal leather woven through.
Makes me wonder what else is out there that matches my teal gigi? The belt cost $137 I believe before taxes. I thought that was still expensive but I'd have to get it or it would be gone...forever!

Pardon the dirty mirror, I think that stuff won't come off! I cleaned it:confused1:!



sofa king sexy!
Jun 8, 2008
new jersey
holy crap that nice. my grandma has this teal jewlery that would go great with that. ill have to ask her what the stone is called.