I smell sketchy

  1. I don't know much about it, but I thought someone else here had mentioned that there were prototype bags with the different stripes and no creed. The thing that really bothers me is that the flap and the rest of the bag seem to be different colors!
  2. I just saw the other post! Yeah that bag is sketchy. A "smaller" Ali? What the hell does that mean. I wonder if somebody just took pieces from another bag and ended up with their own special creation?
  3. :roflmfao: With the things on eBay sometimes, it wouldn't surprise me!
  4. Yeah, and the measurement for Ali on Coach website is 13(L) x 9 3/4(H) so that would make her bag BIGGER, not smaller!
  5. Plus the metal hangtag is curious...
  6. horizontal legacy stripes????
  7. Yeah it was discussed on the eBay Shoes Board & reported. See where it gets you? No where... A Legacy Slim Flap....
  8. The authentic Ali Slim Flap has been found! The seller says she bought the "whiskey slim flap" from another ebay seller." I thought it might be a pilot bag or one that did not make it to production. But it's definately too iffy, especially after seeing 10327.
  9. I agree that the metal hangtag is fishy. Ebay is very risky!
  10. look at the bottom of the ebay listing. the seller claims that a Coach SA authenticated it, and actually wanted to purchase it for herself.

    The seems odd to me
  11. Super Sketchy cause its 100% fake. Booooo!
  12. what makes me sad is all the clueless people bidding on it. :sad: Someone is going to spend their hard earned cash on junk thinking they have the real deal. so sad to me
  13. why didn't ebay shut it down if it was reported? i mean it's obviously not real. I'm not exactly a super coach expert and I called foul, why can't ebay do the same?
  14. ITA!! Whenever I see fakes being sold that have bids on them, I want to contact the bidders and tell them the bag is fake...I actually did that once, but it was when someone had stolen my pictures from one of my listings, the auction had ended and I was able to contact both Ebay and the buyer before she paid for the bag!! She was really grateful that I had contacted her.