I sleep 10 hours a night - is this oversleeping ?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Just wondering, how many hours do you sleep a night ? I sleep about 10 hours. I wake up feeling unrefreshed and cloudy. However I love my bed - its SOOO warm and comfortable and I just love staying in there.

    How many hours do you get ?
  2. That is oversleeping, not to mention that after more than 8 or 9 hours of sleep I believe you will actually feel more tired than if you just sleep the standard amount. I try to get 8 hours a day, but sometimes I'll be lucky if I get 7 hours; when work gets busy it's under 5-7. If I sleep that much I find that I just don't have enough time to do all my work.
  3. How do i minimize oversleeping ? My bed is my comfort place. I live in a cold area and in the mornings its especially hard to wake up because of this.

    Any suggestions on how I can sleep less and make better use of my time ?
  4. Some people just need more sleep than others. I do best when I get 8-9 hours myself. Is it just hard to wake up in the cold or year round for you? Have you had a physical lately to rule out any reasons for being tired?
  5. I had this same problem. For me, allowing natural light into my room, so it would wake me up in the morning helped (although not in the winter). I also started putting my alarm clock on the other side of the room so I would have to get up to shut it off. Good luck!
  6. I am the same way.. i just can't force myself out of bed in the morning.. When i was little my grandfather told me to tell myself that I am getting up when the alarm goes off the first time, He said if i tell myself that I need up and i WILL get up when it goes off then I will and it has always worked for me.. When i remember to tell myself atleast, lol
  7. I agree, the average person needs 8 hours but some people need even less. Everyone has that perfect number where they feel the most refreshed. Mine personally is 9 hours. It's more than the average person, but that's when I feel the most rested. I feel that 10 hours is okay if you've been getting less than 6 hours for the past couple days.
  8. I need a lot of sleep also & can sleep for 10 hours, my problem is actually getting to sleep! It also takes me about two hours to get going when I get up, I hate to have to do anything for two hours after other than shower, have breakfast & get motivated LOL!
  9. The amount of sleep everyone needs is 7 hours +/- 2 hours.
    You need two weeks to figure out what your amount is.

    The way to do this is to go to sleep when you feel tired (not at a pre-set time) and to sleep until you naturally wake up (i.e. no alarm clock). Take note of the time you go to sleep and when you wake up each night. After two weeks of this, your body should be getting about the same amount of sleep each night and you can find out your body's required amount of nightly sleep.

    Once you have this number, you'll know if you're tired because you've slept too much/little.
  10. I disagree. I do not believe it is oversleeping. The amount of sleep an individual needs to thrive is different for everyone. Maybe you're getting quantity vs. quality sleep? Also, keep in mind that not everyone can be a "morning" person. Some people just don't function well in the morning regardless of how much sleep the get.
  11. That's totally me!! LOL
  12. I agree. I also need at least 10 hours to feel my best physically, to be sharp and to be able to concentrate fully through the day.

    My grandmother used to say you need to listen to what your body tells you, to sleep as much as your body tells you to sleep. Otherwise you're going to drive yourself into the ground. Good advice. You shouldn't feel guilty about sleeping a lot if that's what your body needs.

    As for waking up muddy headed...maybe your body clock isn't on a regular schedule? Or maybe you're trying to sleep through a sinus headache? Usually muddy headedness in the morning is a sign that you're not sleeping as soundly as you should.
  13. By the way Steve Allen, the comedian and all-around brainy guy, claimed that all his life he couldn't get by on less than 12 hours of sleep a night. He just had to work hard to pack his life into the remaining 12 waking hours. He lived to be a very old healthy man.
  14. I can minimally function on 7 hours, but ideally need 8 or even better, 9. Sometimes I am in bed for 10 hours because I have not slept well, and have probably only slept for 6-7 hours. Not all the time, just some nights.

    Maybe talk to your doctor and find out if you need to be referred to a sleep disorder specialist. You say you don't feel refreshed when you get up, maybe you are not getting the deep (REM?) level of sleep or waking up multiple times per night and don't even know it.

    Good luck with resolving your problem!
  15. If you've always slept 10 hours, then it's okay. You should still go get it checked out why it's not making you feel refreshed...I mean after sleeping so long.

    However, if you've only recently started sleeping this much, there might be some other problem.