I Simply HAD to HAVE BOTH....The Speedy Mirage AND The Limelight Clutch....

  1. Well, as some of the regulars here know, I've been obsessing about the Mirage Noir ever since I waitlisted for it in May. I was able to compare both the Noir and the Bordeaux, and although BOTH are absolutely gorgeous, the Noir was my first choice before, and was more to my taste. It is a fabulously constructed bag, and I am guessing the patent leather piping around the seams is much harder than traditional vachetta, which gives it a way to maintain it's shape. Also, I believe, the way the handles have extra support from the patent black holds the sides up, instead of just from the top.

    I had also been eyeing the Limelight Clutch, and although the blog reviews were not impressed with this, I can honestly say, photos of a bag are simply NO WAY to judge how a bag will actually look like in REALITY. It is stunning. I had waitlisted for the copper, but when I got the call that a Perle had arrived, when I saw it, I knew it would find a home with me !!

    Here are the photos of the Mirage first...the continuation of the LVs around the bag I prefer, rather than the "seam" which was on a prototype. The interior is jet black alcantara....sooooo yummy !!!!!
    mirage1.JPG mirage2.JPG mirage3.JPG
  2. I am lovin' the pictures of the Noir. And trying not to kick myself for not waitlisting.

    Can't wait to see the picts of the clutch - in hand please. I would love to get an idea of how big it really is. I think it is lovely, but would never use a clutch.

  3. ^^^^^^
    oohh, im a little shy about modeling.....lol
  4. O:huh:o gorgeous!!~ please show us the limelight clutch as well.
  5. Oh, how more I see people buying the Noir Speedy Mirage how more I love it myself! It's so gorgeous Travelbliss, congratulations!
    I'm wondering what the Limelight Clutch looks like...
  6. Congrats! It's VERY beautiful!!! :heart:
  7. You lucky girl. Congrats on your new Speedy. It's truely a beauty! :nuts:

    I'm still waiting for the call. Actually, I've been waiting all day long and i's torturous.:crybaby:
  8. Beautiful! Congrats!
  9. congrats on you'r new baby but what about modeling pics?
  10. don't be shy jump right in!

    your pics are really good for the noir I haven't been able to see the degrade on the others but yours are really clear
  11. Congrats!!
    I really liked the pictures of the clutch but i'm still unsure about it!
  12. Congrats on your new purchases!:yahoo:
    Please post pics of the clutch as well if you can.:nuts:
  13. Now, I thought.....hmmm, "I'll just take a looksy at the Limelight", since I pretty much KNEW the Mirage was a keeper, and I had heard alot of mostly negative comments about this bag, but I know everyone's tastes are different. One thing this has taught me, is that in the future, I will pretty much reserve opinion until I've seen the bag, otherwise, I could have lost out on this beauty....

    Here she is......(drumroll pls, lol)....

    Oh, and the last one is a closeup of the embossed quilting of the LV emblem....

    I SOOOOOO LOVE my runway bag, The Limelight Clutch !!!!!!!!
    lime1.JPG lime2.JPG lime3.JPG lime4.JPG lime5.JPG
  14. This speedy is hot, can\'t wait to see the limelight clutch!
  15. Oooh, another beauty! It's pretty. I envy you!