I simply cannot lose weight!

  1. For the six months or so, I have been attempting to lose weight, desperately. I have tried just about everything that is healthy and conceivable: I work out five days a week, usually an hour or more of cardio each day; do weights three to four times a week; and eat no more than 1800 calories a day. The foods I eat are generally whole grains, lean proteins, or vegetables, with the occasional fruit (which, unfortunately, I don't like :sweatdrop:). Still, I am only gaining weight; if this was merely muscle, I wouldn't be bothered, but it seems that I'm gaining inches as well. What am I doing wrong? If i try to drop down to 1200 calories a day, I'm famished and can't function at all during the day, so I dont know if I can cut calories. Honestly, I'm about to stop trying completely; it's just too frustrating to work so hard and have no results. Does anyone have any suggestions at all? I'd appreciate any help :shrugs:
  2. First, get a food dairy. For a few days write down everything that goes into your mouth this way you can see the ammount of calories, protein, fat, etc.

    Second, get a body fat composition measurement. Most gyms will do one at a low cost even if you arent a member. This will give you an idea of what ammount of weight you can loose in a healthy ammount of time.

    What type of cardio are you doing? What type of weight training are you doing? Often times you may just not be doing what is best for your body type. I didn't see great results with a stairmaster like I did with the treadmil. I also had better results with free weights, stability ball, bosu, and pilates than with the weight machines at the gym.
  3. I'm going through the same thing. :sad: I think my metabolism is effed up. I used to lose weight easily.
  4. For some people who have a hard time, it can be monotonous. Try drinking tons, and I really mean tons, of water. keep up your cardio, and find foods that make you feel like you're eating a lot. crunchy foods with good texture will help. it will feel like forever but give it another six months. i find when i chop up my salad into really tiny pieces I can eat a ton of it and get full really fast. best of luck!
  5. Well, I have been running and using the stairmaster and elliptical trainer, most of the time. Unfortunately I don't run much, since I can't run on a treadmill and become bored to death without a running partner, which can be hard to come by: outside, with a running partner, I can run four miles; inside, on a treadmill or track, I have trouble finishing one.
    I think I might be in a bit of an exercise rut. I've read before that doing the same types of exercises too often will prevent weight loss, but to me that doesn't seem logical. Does anyone know if there is truth to this statement?

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions thus far!
  6. Aww, I'm sorry to see there's a fellow sufferer! We'll get through it, though!
    (I hope)
  7. Same here, I do "everything" right, but I can't see anything.. On the other hand, I've only tried for six weeks and I have a candy day once a week, so I'll see what happens. My mom claims she can tell the difference though, but every parents does that..
  8. * Get a workout trainer. Or an experienced gym partner. The WAY you are working out is probably not as efficient as it could be. Trust me - even trainers lose sight of this when they work themselves out.

    * As far as calories, you could see a nutritionist. They are wonderful, and lots of med plans cover it! When you eat, or how often, is sometimes JUST as important as what.

    * See a doc. Get a full panel blood test done (ask for it) to see if perhaps you have something working against you as you get older. There are lots of completely treatable problems such as thyroid, etc that can easily helped.

    * And the last thing, usually COMPLETELY OVERLOOKED, is sleep. Are you stressed? Lack of sleep wearing on you? I used to train hard as all get out, and it was only when I got to properly sleep would I get over my plateaus. The body needs to recharge!

    You can do it. You probably just need a little help from here on out.
    HUGZ :smile:
  9. Also, sugar can be a huge factor. Alcohol is a big factor there because like vodka turns to sugar when you drink it. take little pieces of what you want just to curb your cravings instead of eatin' the whole thing mebbe? Works for me! You go girl!
  10. Thank you so much for the responses!

    Angelfish: those are all really good suggestions. I meant to see a nutritionist a while ago, but never had the chance and sort of forgot about it, so thank you for the reminder! as for stress and sleep...well, I have too much of one and not enough of the other, and you can guess which is which :sweatdrop:

    Blair's Honey: Fortunately, I dont drink--I wouldn't want to see what I looked like if I did! ;) But you're right about the cravings; I usually end up denying myself instead of occasionally indulging in small treats. Good idea!
  11. When your body gets used to your workout, it plateaus -- your body doesn't work as hard = no weight loss. The interesting thing about working out is figuring out ways to switch it up...
    Nutrition is like 60% factor into weight loss. I believe that u can regulate your metabolism... you have to eat small portions frequently (i.e. every 2.5 hours). I've done it b4 and saw a change in 3 weeks (without working out).
    last, but most important, DO NOT GIVE UP!! In the fitness world, the words "I can't " don't exist : ) When the going gets tough, the tough gets a trainer.
  12. great advice from everyone

    don't be disheartened, I agree with all the above that you need a fresh pair of eyes to see where you can make improvements, like a fitness trainer, nutritionist, doctor etc. They'll put you back on track and the weight will come off.

    good luck!
  13. you need a new workout that changes one aspect in it daily. if you do the same thing all the time then your body will just get used to it and not change.
  14. Yep, the body gets "used to" the exercise after a while, improving it's technique sort of, doing the exercise more efficiently. However, you shouldn't worry too much about this unless you're doing exercises for gaining muscles, like weight lifting. It's not so much to worry about for running etc. As there aren't many variations available on this. You could try different types of tracks, f.ex. running max for 30 secs then 30 sec comfortable jogging for 5-10 minutes one day and run on a pretty high intensity for about 30-40 min the next day.

    My trainer told me to stick to a certain plan (with weightlifting etc) for a month and a half and then switch the entire program.

  15. Go on Weight Watchers!!! It is the best way to lose pounds and maintain an ideal weight. I'm a Flex plan devotee and have managed to keep the weight off for over five years by attending meetings and watching what I eat during the week so I can splurge on weekends. The meetings are really helpful in terms of reinforcement as well as picking up suggestions for satisfying cravings. Good luck!!!