I shouldn't let a bad experience taint my bag, right?

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  1. So my usual boutique called Wednesday night to verify that I had received my PCE and wanted to know if there was anything they could put aside for me. I've been eyeing the black Bleecker leather tote for a while, and I said as much to the girl on the phone. I mentioned that a particular SA had pointed out the bag to me and I had continued to think about it ever since, and I had decided that was what I wanted to use my PCE for.

    I went to pick it up today, and no, I didn't go directly to the counter - I wanted to look at accessories and see if there were any other bags in the store that I wanted to look at, so when a SA approached me and complimented the bag I was carrying and my bulldog fob, I mentioned to her that I was going to keep looking, but there was a bag already set aside for me.

    By the time she brought it out, I was finished looking and told her that I appreciated her getting the bag for me and I didn't see anything else I really wanted today. Instead, she took the bag and my slip from me and walked over to the wallets and started shoving wallets at me (for real. she shoved four different wallets into my hands at a time.) and kept telling me how she "just had the feeling" that I "really needed to get a wallet today!" I humored her, looked at them, and I told her I still have a couple of wallets at home that I've never used, so really, I just wanted to get the bag today. She completely ignored me and shoved another round of wallets at me. I finally just shoved them back and told her I had other places I needed to go, and really, if I could just get the bag. It was painfully obvious that she was not pleased with me and the other SAs acted accordingly.

    After I left the boutique, my mom pointed out to me that they had given the sale credit to the SA who I mentioned had pointed out the bag to me in the first place. So today's SA was trying to get in her own sale. Which I understand, really, because it's retail and they have goals, but really, with her all but cramming wallets down my throat, I was just done.

    So now I'm sitting here with this gorgeous black bag and I feel like crap. I love it, but the joy has been taken out of it, because by the time I left, I felt like the Coach pariah. My dear BF, who rarely approves of my shopping habits, has told me repeatedly that I shouldn't let the experience bother me, because I really wanted the bag, and after the week I've had at work, I really earned it, but still, that doesn't really help, you know?

    I know this isn't the worst Coach story that has been posted here, by far, but I was just wondering what my fellow Coachies think and how you've reacted or would react to this kind of situation.
  2. I hate it when sales associate do that. If I'm you I'll ask for her supervisor. The SA behavior is just not acceptable.
  3. I love the "Coach pariah"!! I know it's not funny, but at least you have your sense of humor. That would have burned me out too. She should have stopped after the first no. I'm sorry that happened. Just enjoy your new tote!!
  4. Enjoy your bag if you love her. I took my black Ali to a second interview that I thought went well but ended up being a really bad ordeal for me. At first I felt like the Ali had bad kharma associated with it as it was the first time I had used the bag. So she sat in my closet for probably 3 months until I finally said "poo on it all!" and brought her out to use her because I loved the bag. Now, she's my go-to bag for work. So don't let that PITA SA ruin your bag for you!
  5. Enjoy your bag for sure - don't let a terrible SA ruin that for you! If it's really bugging you, call and speak with her manager and let her know how the SA made you feel - that sort of "selling" tactic should be no where near a Coach boutique!
  6. I had something VERY similar happened to me a couple weeks ago. This SA comes up to me and goes "oh that color looks great on you!" For some reason, I thought she was referring to my Purple Bleecker, but then she added "That cut and color really suit you." I realized she was talking about my hair, which is naturally jet black. I HATE when people assume my hair color is fake. So I was already peeved at her and then she started thrusting wallets at me just like your experience. I kept telling her that all I needed was my bag but she refused to listen and kept trailing around the store picking up wallets that wouldn't even FIT in the bag I was buying. I finally just stood still and stared at her until she came back to the front and took care of my purchase. I ALMOST asked to speak to a manager but then I was thinking "Ok you are just being an irritable pregnant person - let it go."

    It is so annoying when they get obnoxious like that but don't let it taint your new bag!!! Especially since she did not get the satisfaction of getting the credit for the sale!!!
  7. I'm sorry that happened to you but don't let it take the joy out of having your new wanted bag. That SA was just a pushy person and you should just enjoy your bag and forget about her. She's not worth thinking about. Enjoy your bag.
  8. ITA..don't let it ruin the bag baby! There are a world of SAs like that!! Just gotta learn how to avoid them or ask for the SA that originally set it aside for you. Post pics!!!
  9. Don't let those rude sa s take the joy and excitement of enjoying your new beautiful bleecker tote away from you. That tote is too hot to not take it out and show it off. :tup:
  10. I totally feel you. I had a lady act all suprised when I told her my hair was not a wig. A wig! I was kind of insulted. I mean I know it was looking good that day but was she trying to say it looked fake? :shrugs:

    To the OP: Don't let that SA ruin your new bleeker tote, I want one so bad!!
  11. if it helps you get over the bad experience, perhaps you can ring up and ask to speak to the manager and explain that you would like to give some feedback on a bad experience at their store. i think it would make you feel a little better if you countered the bad experience with a corresponding action. :yes:
  12. That sux! I hate when SAs behave like that. But don't you let that beautiful tote get tainted by her stupid behavior!
  13. I dont always come to the Coach forum, but I was lurking, and just have to comment.

    I had a VERY similar situation at Saks, with a pair of Christian Louboutin Nude Metallic Very Prives. My normal SA was busy helping women get ready for the Kentucky Derby, so I had the manager show me the shoes that I liked. Then another SA comes over, and the manager ultimately convinced me to get them, but the sale ended up going to the other SA, who *apparently* went into the back, where my usual SA was finishing up, and taunted her, and said he stole her sale. That prompted my usual SA to come over, and tell me what he had told her, and told me that I made her look bad in front of her manager, and that if I am going to buy any more shoes there, to always ask for her, even if I have to wait for her to finish.

    I was absolutely apalled that I was even SPOKEN to about that sort of thing, let alone ACTUALLY REPRIMANDED by my SA!

    I was devastated, felt really guilty, and then got angry. My gorgeous beloved VPs that I had been totally in love with were now TAINTED.

    I bought them back in March. To this day I have *never* worn them, and returned them 3 weeks ago with a cold stare to the manager at Saks. It killed me to return them, but I could never wear them. Paying $1000 for a pair of shoes should make you HAPPY, not GUILTY and SAD.

    REALLY pissed me off. If I had the juevos I would have said something to the manager, but I dont want to get blacklisted, in case they have a great CL sale or something.
  14. Try as hard as you can to brush it off and don't let someone else's rudeness stop you from enjoying your purchase!
  15. I'm sorry you had to endure this! I also get really turned off by hard sales tactics, and frequently I leave the stores really quickly when that happens..unless you are there to pick up something (which you were). By the way, they should have given the credit to the original SA! I'm glad they didn't give it to the PITA SA. Anyway, I wouldn't think twice about this...just enjoy your bag and try to steer clear of this person the next time! There's an outlet SA I despise for similar reasons, and I always run when I see her. I've gotten to the point where I'm almost rude and say thanks, I'm just looking..and then I proceed to walk away quickly and go ask for my fav. SA. I don't care if the woman glares at me when she sees me working with someone else either! I just enjoy my time there, and then later on my purchases! Don't even give it another thought, and enjoy your new bag!!