I should really stop coming here!

  1. The thing is that I'm currently living in Finland where there is NO LV boutique. Normally I go abroad (normally to France because that's my second home) every few months but now because of my studies and work I can't go anywhere for the next few months, at leat two but maybe even more. So my problem is that there are so many bags and accessories that I can't wait to get my hands on but no LV store in sight. My parents travel quite a lot so when they go somewhere they're going to bring me some of the items on my list. If I keep coming here I'll become even more frustrated but then again I just can't help it... :shrugs::s
  2. Perhaps I should swop places with you :smile: I sometimes wish the LV stores weren't so close to me so I wouldn't pop in to buy stuff. I won't buy online either, so I would save a ton of money!

    And I think it's a kinda special feeling to make a visit to the LV store if it's far away :smile:
  3. so do I...(spending more than 1k for bags in a month isn't a good thing:push:smile:
  4. The good side in this really is the fact that I don't spend as much as I would if I was closer to LV :smile:
  5. Haha! I once spent $2120 in two days :rolleyes: . I clearly have bag issues. :yes:
  6. I am sure they can ship it to you internationally :smile:
  7. i just can't enough LV, recently spend $5,000 at LV.
  8. Hi fellow Finn (or are you French?)! Great that your parents buy you LV, mine would never:p
  9. Only if she has shopped for example in the Swedish boutique before.
  10. Hello, hello! I'm falf and falf so yes a fellow Finn ;) My parents only buy them for me, I have to pay for them... Actually I have bought one of my LV's from the Stockholm boutique so maybe I could order from there. What exactly would I have to do? Of course I could also ask my friends or relatives to buy them for me in France and then send them to me but even though they know that I buy LV I wouldn't want them to know how much I'm actually willing to pay for them :sweatdrop:
  11. Do you know if they would ship them to me from France? Most of my items are from there and I'd like to keep it that way.
  12. IMO The only problem you're facing when living far off is that you'll probably have a really hard time getting limited editions and seasonal goods that are sought after. Here the little stock the store gets is sold out alomst before it hits the stores. There are waitlists on almost every seasonal bag, the heart purse in pomme had like 20 people on the list (and this is in a pretty small country!) dentelle had people waiting for about every item already!.
  13. Fortunately I'm not into LE products. I only like boring old mono and some damier :heart:

  14. Just call the boutique then and make the order by phone (or fax) and it should be fine!