I should only keep one - what do you think?

  1. Which is more versatile? I'm hoping for some suggestions.

    I WAS satisfied with my collection until these jumped in front of me.

    (pics from the drilldown)

    Ali (except in Khaki/Gold)


    Soho Suede Satchel (in Bordeaux - like the drilldown pic)

  2. Ali :tup: I am not a huge fan of the gold trim but I love the Ali and I think that satchel is nice but the suede is going to be a pita to take care, of imo. :yes:
  3. Well the suede one can bu used inthe Winter and fall and would go with a lot of colors , it is however suede and its hard to keep clean

    the Ali you could use all year around and would go with anything ,
    I happen to really like suede one

    one little questoin is the suede one on eBay ? or can you get it at JAX ? I really like the bag and shape
  4. The Ali is definately more versatile!:tup:
  5. I like the Ali better. Suede too hard to care for IMO.
  6. I would keep Ali, I too think the suede would require too much care, you would prob. always worry about it i.e getting wet, dirt ect.
  7. Totally agree!
  8. They're both beautiful, but I'd go with the Ali because it's more versatile.
  9. I saw both at the Outlets. I like the suede one the best out of both. The gold on the Ali was too overwhelming for me. It just did not suit the bag.
  10. Ali! I like the shoulder bag more. Plus suede is a total PITA to take care of!
  11. Ali! I have 4 of them and LOVE them!
  12. Ali!
  13. I'm pretty sure I saw the Ali in gold and khaki at TJ Maxx for 399... I'm not sure what the retail price is, but it seemed like a good deal and there were no "flaws". Not sure if they have it at your TJ's... anyway, it was the TJ Maxx in "Laconia, NH" (I'm pretty sure it was in that town, that's where we were visiting).
  14. Definitely the Ali. I think its a nicer looking bag, more comfortable to wear, and can be used year round.
  15. Ali, Ali, Ali!!! Without question, the Ali.
    Have I mentioned I would choose the Ali???:upsidedown: