I should have known not to sell to a zero feedback buyer

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  1. I had a handbag listed on Bonanzle. The item was brand new with tags attached. The buyer just e-mailed stating that there are threads exposed and the front pocket is pulling away from the bag. I e-mailed requesting photos of what she is talking about. I know there were two tail end of threads exposed, however, these just needed to be clipped off. She responded saying that the thread shows in my listed photo.

    I smell buyers remorse. She has yet to send photos of her "concerns". I told her to send the bag bag - I don't want to deal with her nitpicking. She threatened to file a SNAD, however, I have photos of the bag from every angle imaginable.

    It drives me mad to have a zero feedback person stating all these issues, but in reality, there are no issues. Pisses me off!

    I have only had problems with the cheapest bags I have sold. None of the bags over $500 ever had a problem. Its the $299 ones that always complain. Go figure!
  2. but if the thread was shown in your listing photos, how would it be SNAD?? plus if it was not an ebay transaction pp protection only covers INR, pp will not make a decision on SNAD claims.

    i am not saying you should just brushoff the buyer's concern but thats the way i understand things to be with pp.
  3. Thanks, Missucc. I agree that the two pieces of thread were in my photos, therefore, she knew in advanced that the bag was not "perfect". Sheesh, get a clipper and clip the two threads - its not going to unravel...

    Its quite disturbing that this person received it on 2/20, yet waited three days to complain? If I purchased something that was truly a SNAD, I would be on the seller as soon as I opened the box and examined the item. I have the feeling this is a very young person (based on her screen name with a date behind the name). Never again will I sell to a zero feedback...I am so turned off!
  4. no worries. i am fairly new to bon too, both buying and selling. but i think as long as you are honest and willing to work with the other party to resolve issues you'll be fine. everyone's gotta start somewhere i am sure not all zero/low fb buyers are like that.:hugs:
  5. Yeah, you're right. I started with zero feedback at one time.

    She doesn't want to send photos of the "damage". I offered her money back, but now I want to see what the heck happened to the bag since it left my hands. I think she used it over the weekend and now wants to return for a refund. If she doesn't send photos, then I will not offer a refund.
  6. I wouldn't offer her a refund, photos or not. You represented your item well, she agreed under these terms. If she changed her mind, too bad for her. This isn't walmart.

    And I agree, I think she just used it over the weekend and it was enough.

    Either way, it's not your fault and I wouldn't refund anything.
  7. I had someone with 0 feedback leave me negative feedback with out contacting me first with their concerns. I finally got it worked out, but it was so annoying. I feel your pain.
  8. That's so annoying! What bag was this?
  9. If she bought from you on Bonanzle she can't file a SNAD ....she hasn't got much recourse really.

    To be fair, you're probably going to come across more zero feedback buyers on Bonanzle anyway, since they're a newer site.
  10. I was going to post just that.
  11. Well, she filed a dispute via Paypal. The photos she sent me showed such minor flaws, she must have been searching for any reason to get her money back. She photographed a thread that was not sewn correctly and an area where there was no thread. The funniest part was her nail polish matched the bag! She got a brand new bag for half the price and then tries to find a "flaw".

    Wow, I am done with selling for now.
  12. Like others have said, she has no recourse on a SNAD. Sounds like buyer's remorse and I'm not sure how more communication would be constructive. :shrugs:
  13. Speedah, I don't plan on communicating with her any further. I plan to escalate her dispute to a claim - I will submit all my photos and her photos with the claim. This is such a PITA and a waste of time!
  14. I'd call Paypal and see if you can get the dispute/claim closed over the phone since SNAD does not apply for off eBay transactions. No sense in going through all the effort of proving something that doesn't matter, KWIM?
  15. How was she even able to open a dispute ? i've never needed to open one outside of ebay so i don't know the process, do they let you open it then tell you that you can't as it's an off ebay transaction ?