I should be banished from LV forum!

Jun 9, 2010
I've had one of the most tiring day EVER!!
Since I had nothing to to (I'm snowed in here in Tuscany and can't leave Italy until the day after tomorrow AT THE EARLIEST.. goshhh I want to be back home before xmas meaning saturday!)
Sooo I was like "Let's go xmas shopping in Florence".
I actually had to start buying gifts for everyone since I couldn't literally go outside my house from friday til yesterday.. all you could see was snow snow and snow.
I went to LV and i spent like 3 hours trying every alma available in stock.. i'm in LVoe with pomme!!!:drool::drool: and then i was like: sorry but i'm looking for a keepall and the SA looked scathingly at me that i was like she's going to kill me.
The shop was super crowded, there was a bunch of asian people.. which did remind me of a girl saying that SAs in Europe discriminate.. well it's sort of true.. but they do discriminate against us meaning not asian people.. probably because we don't spend as much as they do eheh lucky them, i literally cannot help myself but stare at all their gucci, LV or chanel shopping bags!:nuts:
Sooooo I got the keepall for my boyfriend.. but i was like carrying tons of shopping bags(I totally looked like Santa LOL) so I asked the SA if I could come back later to get for my bag..
then I spent another hour drooling over a lady dior(small size, since it was super tiny) and staring at the price tag (i couldn't believe the small one was like 1950euro) then I got a phone call from my mom.. who I love so much(random ahahah super homesick).. and she was like: honey i'm at NorthPark Center
and i was like: doing what?
my mom: xmas shopping.. hey i did meet nicky too.. he was wearing his awful hat.. bla bla bla bla
And as soon as she did mention Nicky I did realize I forgot my bag at LV.. It was like 8p.m and it was already closed. I'm a disaster. :crybaby::crybaby:
How could I forget that? I want to dieeeeeeeee. I'm that bad.


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May 2, 2006
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Sorry to hear you left the Keepall in store, at least it's safe there though and not left in another random store. I hope you can go and collect it soon!