I should be a Coach SA at ....

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  1. Macy's! I was there this evening looking at their bags. They had the Zoe - small and medium, I think. Maybe a couple of larges, but no XL. They did have the bronze leather one. A gal was there looking at bags and she first looked at the sig Zoe and then picked up the silver metallic Carly. She was ready to get that one and we started chatting. I showed her the bronze Zoe and she said she really wanted the silver metallic. I said I didn't know how it would hold up, but Coach would always take it back. The SA was just standing there watching/listening. I pointed out how neat the Zoe was, etc. This gal wasn't even trying them on. She said she had 4 Coach but they were older styles. Anyway, she got the bronze Zoe! lol Hope she likes it!

    That Macy's had some 25% off bags which were all sig. The flowered bags, the ones with the stripe at the top in white, tan, mahogany, some of the flap bags with the pockets under the flap. They did have the khaki sig slim Carly with the silver metallic leather trim and nickel hardware. Almost grabbed it, but everytime I see it, I see all the fake sigs around my area. Didn't get it.
  2. I should be a SA too! I sold a woman at Dillard's a Madeline today while buying my tattersall makeup bag.
  3. :roflmfao::woohoo: That's cool! :smile:
  4. ITA Luralee and Nooch! Sometimes I wonder if the SAs, especially those at department store Coach counters, even get how awesome it is based on the design, quality, etc. or if they think it's just a waste of money :confused1:. If I was pushing Coach for a living, I'd never shut up about it.
  5. you should be a coach SA at macys, the SA was obviously dumbfounded, probably even more than happy you were able to sell and not an employee there.
  6. I am on really great terms with the coach SA at my Macys and unfortunately, they never get any info about their stock. They are never told about Macy exclusives. They are very behind on getting certain merchandise. She really appreciates that I come in so much to give her all the great info I get from here. She doesn't even get coach catalogs, I always pick up an extra for her. She always tells me that I need a job there at the counter, then she would feel better about the counter when she isn't there.
  7. On the way to the boutique yesterday, I cut through my Macy's and the SA was really great about showing me all the new bags (which were not out in the Coach store yet) and made sure she pointed out all the sale bags as well.
  8. I used to work at Hudson's (now Macy's) about 12 years ago, and they were MUCH more knowledgeable then that they are now. I feel sorry for them, although a few of the ones at my nearest Macy's are pretty good. They tell me I should work there too. LOL
  9. As I think about it, the SA was probably a little ticked. The Zoe was like $60 less than the Carly! Oh well.....:shrugs: I think the gal will love that bag -- so much classier than the metallic Carly. JMO.
  10. I have yet to meet an SA that even knows the style of the bags at a department store!!!! I would love to work at Dillard's as an SA! And that particularly is sad considering I have the least amount of knowledge on this board! LOL!