i should ban myself, but petrol elise?

  1. i still can't decide whether or not i should get that petrol elise i saw at the boutique on saturday. it was beautiful and lined with lush brown suede. the problem is that i've bought three mj bags this month alone. should i wait for the new spring bags even though i'm not overly enthused about them? i was thinking of getting one of the frog clutches or the mika. or should i just get the elise and worry about the spring bags later?

    here's a picture just so you can get idea of the color:


  2. oh kim, that color is gorgeous! i say- buy now, worry later :smile:
  3. do you really think any of us are going to tell you differently? we're all enablers. go for it :biggrin:
  4. we're definitely enablers all right! kim, this petrol elise has got to be yours! I say get it! it's got the suede lining, it's in petrol, what's not to love? have we convinced you yet???
  5. I love the petrol color! :drool: I've been stalking that MP for months waiting to see if it would go on sale. I know this goes against the grain but my question is, will the Elise work for you? You've stated you prefer larger bags and the Elise definitely doesn't fall into that category. Would you get enough use out of it to justify the expense?

    That said, I hope you do get one so I can drool over it. ;)
  6. I think it is TDF!:tup: Go for it...:yes:
  7. I love the petrol!! I have the petrol quilted MP and the color is greatest! I've been lusting after an Elise for a while now too..such a feminine bag. I say get it! Don't get something from the Spring collection if you don't really love it. You'll love Elise in Petrol! It's a great bag in a great color! Can't beat that!
  8. i was thinking that as i was typing the last sentence of my post. :lol:

    i was worried about the size and the fact that it can only be hand held. on the other hand, i haven't been using my big bags lately. i've been carrying the mp and stam instead. while i think the elise is less roomier than those two, it would fit everything i needed to carry. i'm trying not to load too much in my bags nowadays because it's really starting to get intolerably painful. i guess i was thinking that i could at least try it out and exchange for another style if worse comes to worst and it does turn out to be way too small for me. thanks for being my voice of reason, melly!
  9. Ah, that color is sooo pretty! Get it and post pics! Blue is so in right now (but also my fav color)!
  10. That color is SO gorgeous. The Sofi in that color is on the top of my wishlist right now, but I just can't seem to find one anywhere.

    I'd say go for it, she's gorgeous!
  11. you could buy now, and return later if you decide against it right? my problem is i always air on the side of caution and when i finally decide i really want something, I can't find it.
  12. Man that color is SCRUMPTIOUS!! I say go for it!!
  13. Hmm.... I think you should get it, but maybe you should wait a month before you buy it. Or, if you want it now, sell one of the bags that you're aren't using. You've gotta justify that purchase somehow, KWIM?
  14. That bag is gorgeous! BUT... I recently put myself on a bit of a handbag diet (not a total ban... just a diet...) and I paid off a credit card!!:yahoo: I think it was actually as gratifying as a new yummy leather treat if not more! Hopefully I don't get kicked off of tPF for saying so:roflmfao:... If you're hesitating just because you've bought 3 others and for no other reason... maybe get it and return it later if you decide... but if you have some other goal that would be more amazing to accomplish than getting a new bag... get yourself a delicious piece of chocolate instead and stick to your guns... That's my 2 cents:flowers:...
  15. Aren't Petrol bags getting harder to find? If you wait too long, you might not find one in a style you like, or even not at all. I know I just wouldn't be able to resist such an incredible color! And that brown suede is so amazing!!